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About Us.

This Wiki is a project of C86 Academic, with assistance GCG.moe, a fan organisation of Girl Cafe Gun (‘The Game’ below), and for this project and this project only is supported by Bilibili, the publisher/operator of Girl Cafe Gun (English Version).

The vision of This Wiki is to create a complete and accurate collection of information related to The Game.

User-Generated Contents (UGC)

Some sections of This Wiki allow users to upload their own contents and have them showed on This Wiki.

For comments, every comment will be sent to the Akismet Service to check for suitability and to avoid spams. Comments will undergo constant review, this includes:

  • Check if they are spams and ads that has been accidently missed; and
  • Check if they contain any statement that is excessive or unacceptable.

For all submitted Clan info, we will do basic checks of format legitimacy and duplicates (not with game servers) and would add these to our database. Clan Info will undergo constant review, this includes:

  • Check with our censoring team at both GCG.moe and Bilibili for suitability; and
  • Check with relevant system to see if they are authentic.

If your information submitted failed any of the above processes, your submission can be taken down from This Wiki, and your future submissions may undergo a more though check before getting published.

All in-game contents of Girl Cafe Gun used within This Wiki are provided by Bilibili and have been authorised. ‘In-game content’ means contents used by the game in a way that it is, in part or whole of an artifact contained in the game’s data package or advertising materials but does not include the combination of these materials that would present in the game.

We encourage you to share URLs of our website in private or open chat and excerpt some providing that you do mention about the origin. Unless otherwise stated, for all non-in-game contents, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International applies. For in-game contents, you need to contact BILIBILI HK LIMITED for authorisation matters. Non-in-game contents includes:

  • Guides, including all the texts and screenshots.
  • Ratings shown on Cards’ Description and Ratings Page.
  • Cards’ and Weapons’ Review shown on Description and Ratings Page.
  • Terminologies’ explanations shown on Terminologies page.
  • Bosses’ Countermeasures.
  • Other Non-in-game contents.

You are not allowed to use any web crawler / spider on our site unless it is operated by a company or research team and is listed on The Web Robots Pages.

If you do need to redistribute for commercial use, company projects, or other situations where redistributions not covered by CC-BY-NC-SA may occur, please apply for a prior consent by sending an email to stmaryschurchinthehollowofthewhitehazel@llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.uk so we can evaluate your request and provide necessary authorisation.

Accuracy of Information

Although we are indeed a joint project, contents, especially Ratings of character chards and weapons, does not represent any official conclusion as they are being evaluated and filled by GCG.moe members instead of bilibili staff. If you have spotted an error, please tell us through email (stmaryschurchinthehollowofthewhitehazel@llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.uk) so we can make necessary changes as soon as possible.

Upon accepting this Terms of Service, you show your understanding that:

  • Actual performance of a card or weapon may vary from our assessment;
  • Actual figures shown in This Wiki may vary from that in The Game;
  • There may exist delay in information updating of changes; and
  • There may exist certain inaccurate information due to human error.

Availability of Service

This site is intended to be open to everyone around the world 24/7, and we have sufficient resources allocated to ensure your pleasant visit. However, despite our best efforts, our service may suffer temporary unavailability. If such thing occurred, we would try our best to restore service as soon as possible.

However, if your activities triggered our security alerts, you may be blacklisted and may not be able to visit for a limited amount of time or forever, based on systems’ evaluation. If you think you are wrongly blamed, please contact us through email at stmaryschurchinthehollowofthewhitehazel@llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.uk and tell us what happened. A website administrator would evaluate your activities and unblock if situation permits.

If The Game announce its termination of service in all the English-language regions, This Wiki may terminate its service as well.


We provide contents of this website on an As-Is basis and does not take any responsibility for contents on and will be on This Wiki.

Any operation you make or made does not means we, managers, editors, or contributors of This Wiki, provide any liability to you.

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