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14dec(dec 14)4:00 AM28jan(jan 28)4:00 AMBattle Pass Season III

13jan(jan 13)4:00 AM27(jan 27)4:00 AMLimited-time Event: [Decisive Advantage]This time, princess island will turn into a giant chessboard where girls in squad 08 will fight against Mizuki Soshi!

13jan(jan 13)4:00 AM27(jan 27)4:00 AM[Log-in] Access ExceptionLog in for a total of 10 days to get Adv. Gestalt Trainer!

13jan(jan 13)4:00 AM27(jan 27)4:00 AMTurn the Table - First SupplyChess character cards are coming!

13jan(jan 13)4:00 AM27(jan 27)4:00 AMIrene's Birthday EventsCelebrate Irene's Birthday!

18jan(jan 18)4:00 AM28(jan 28)4:00 AMDark Sphere ExplorationAssemble your battlefield processorsteam and fight in the Otherworld!

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