Ratings of Weapons

On this page you can find a collection of our ratings of weapons by tiers. Currently we categorise weapons by five categories and is labelled as Tier 0~Tier 3 as well as a ‘Not Tiered’ level which we discourage you to invest in. We recommend you use resources on Tier 0 weapons first, and then those at lower tiers.

This list is suitable for beginners as well as moderate players as reference regarding which weapon to promote. For advanced users, you can choose to use a more complicated Tactical Finder for Weapons.

This list is for Weapons, if you are looking for one for Character Cards, please refer to the Cards’ Tier List.

Tier 0

Very powerful and elegant weapon to use. Get one if possible, and use it good.

Although its normal attacks are a bit inferior than Frontline Warrior, this weapon is a great match with [Mobile Suit – Nie Shirou] as it can significantly improve the damage she may deal, while also being a trustworthy companion for cards heavily relies on skills like [Oath – Cornelia] and [Oath – Lida].

A very powerful weapon that has a very good statistics even its skill is not that useful overall. Cultivate before there are better alternatives.

Extremely powerful weapon that is capable to provide nearly one fifth of the attack values. It is highly recommended to get one or more.

Has extraordinary passive to deal AOE damage. This weapon is highly recommended since it is free to get from the Halloween event.

Has the highest damage by its average auto attack. This superior weapon also got an impressive upgrade at the EN server.

The ultimate firepower when targeting a single enemy, if the distance between the bearer and the enemy is close enough.

This pistol can effectively reduce CDs of all members of the team while not having one for itself. It is capable of increasing your upbound limit of team’s output.

The ultimate firepower when targeting a single enemy, if the distance between the bearer and the enemy is close enough.

This weapon has the ability to cause stacks of vulnerability and is very generalised, making it the best of all Grenade Launchers. You would only need one as status do not accumulate.

Tier 1

Weapon itself is not either crazily powerful nor has ace-level of skills, rendering it somewhat useful but not extremely powerful.

This weapon is decent against any enemy which can be caused Enfeeble, which makes it a good supporter weapon, increasing damage taken by enemies.

An ordinary set of figures of SR weapons, and are able to perform itself at efficiency levels of Data Drill. Can promote if you have no alternatives.

This weapon shoots wide and deals a considerable amount of damages. It can be promoted if you urgently need a wide shotgun.

An UR Pistol that has an outstanding outburst as a result of its skill, sometimes is used at efficiency levels of the Data Drill. Please be aware that as an UR weapon, promoting it is not an easy job.

This weapon can deal a very considerable amount of damage. It can be promoted and used if you do not own a max-level Frontline Warrior.

This weapon has an outstanding potential to make an exceptionally high outburst and has a presence on efficiency levels of the Data Drill.

One of the best weapons you would consider when facing a single boss while only being a SR weapon that requires less resources to promote. It is suitable for preliminary stages.

As an SR weapon, this weapon deals a lot of damage while only a limited amount of resources is needed to fully promote it.

This weapon is the Grenade Launcher that produces the largest damages but the Directional Cannon. Please note that UR weapons require a lot of resources to promote, make choices wisely.

This weapon can causes considerable amount of damage and has the ability to land several critical hits. It can be used as a lower alternative for Tesla Aurora at La Ronde levels of the Data Drill.

This weapon deals a moderate damage own for its bullets while its skills can cause an AoE damage for explosion as well as considerable stagger damages.

Tier 2

If used by a character card with short CD, this card may be of some use and deal large crit damage, However, better option [Directional Cannon] is available.

Used to freeze enemies. The freeze rate depends on each bullet from the shotgun.

This weapon deals decent amount of damage while activating its passive. Note that it has 20 seconds cooldown. Lack of stability while using it in Data Drill.

This weapon is capable of dealing a damage higher can those narrowly-shooting shotguns, but it requires a lot of resources to promote.

Together with Maid – Juno, it forms the ultimate solution when facing the Warden (BOSS). However, this weapon is not generalised and can promote one and only one for this situation.

This weapon is an outstanding weapon when facing a group of enemies for its bullet-leaping skills. However, this weapon is less than satisfactory when facing a single target BOSS.

In La Ronde output levels of Data Drill, this weapon can effectively stun enemies, while at other aspects it cannot deal satisfactory damages and is not generalised at all.

This weapon can only perform itself at some of the efficiency levels of the Data Drill and is not unreplaceable. Please keep in mind: promoting a UR weapon requires a lot of resources.

This weapon has an outstanding ability to cause BREAK status of the enemy when being used with cards having high stagger attack abilities like Maid – Lida, but is not generalised.

This weapon can be used at efficiency levels of the Data Drill as its skills can provide an additional damage for the team by up to 13.4%. However, not generalised and not for beginners.

Although its area of buff sounds sweet, but that area is generated where the enemy stood before getting eliminated and hence have a very limited use. It is not recommended to promote first.

This weapon’s skill can increase the damage dealt by the weapon as well as bearer’s skills by up to 25%, and is suitable for using it by a card that can generate large outputs or AoE cards.

This weapon is able to produce an additional stagger damage but is less than the Directional Cannon. Can be used if you do not have a fully enhanced Directional Cannon.

This weapon is capable of spreading enemies using its skills while having only a moderate damage to BOSSes, making it a bit awkward to have it on your team.

Tier 3

Seemingly strong weapon but has very limited usage.

This weapon itself does not necessarily provide any useful addition at this moment, but is quite suitable for some strange uses like in extreme need of dodging bullets. Have limited uses, and may never be used.

This weapon has an ability to weaken nearby targets, but only can be triggered once every 20 seconds.

This weapon has an ordinary set of tactical values but has an ability to make burns to cause additional damages, making it a bit useful.

This card can be used along with an exceptional assault card that a pistol can be used, as this weapon is capable of uplifting the rate of triggering stagger damage to a great extent.