Terms – Game Mechanics

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Enfeebled increases final damage taken by 1.5x (this does not modify a unit’s defense).

Stagger, also shown in-fight as “BREAK,” is done by inflicting stagger damage from abilities or weapons and depleting the boss’s blue bar. When the bar completely your damage against the boss is greatly increased and they are no longer able to move for a 5s period. After they have begun…

These medals can be exchanged for various supplies. Awarded according to player’s performance in Simulation Drill. The only Source of this weapon is by getting higher achievements at weekly data drill.

Provides your weapon EXPs. Standard nano-grade solution developed by R.o.S.E. It can repair all kinds of microscopic damage invisible to the naked eye, which in turn can maintain and improve weapon performance.

Used to break the level limit of a certain character.

Used to break the level limit of any type of characters. It can be used with various types of injection and can greatly enhance the effects. R.o.S.E. holds the patent for this fluid. Its formula and production process are both top secrets.