Fantasy Oath

This is… something I can’t tell anyone.
When I look up at the night sky or do other things, I occasionally fall into a strange trance. Memories appear in my head, but I don’t know where or when they’re from.
In the memories, I spent time full of happiness and hardships with “her,” and we became irreplaceable parts of each other’s lives.
In other words, a very typical delusion of a teen…
But I’m fairly certain this is not a dream or fantasy, and there are two pieces of evidence for that.
One is “her” wearing a pure white shirt in these memories will definitely appear in reality. It’s almost like the scenes in my head interfere with the real world.
The second is this message that appeared on my computer inexplicably, with myself being the sender…
Relax, this is a memory exclusive to you.
Whenever you complete some test from a certain future, you can see the projection of probability in advance, and a new power will be superimposed on her.
This is the Fantasy Oath. The future you expect will be realized in unexpected forms.
To my dear self. -V.

In short, this is not something that can be explained by the science I know.
But I would love to have these “memories” that never happened.
Because they are like shining stars in the night sky, indicating to me a beautiful future even if it has only a one-in-a-million possibility.

Wedding in Dreams and Possibilities

Fantasy Oath will allow you to unlock unique, independent stories of each character by completing a six-stage set of tasks. Completing these tasks will offer you Character Cards of the ‘Party Dress’ series and help you promote them. Please note ‘Party Dress’ cards cannot be obtained or acquired through all other means.

Keep in mind that Fantasy Oath stories are more like dreams and all their contents have no relation to Campaigns (Main Stories) or Activities’ Plots, with the exception of the beginning of Stage 1 stories and the end of Stage 6 stories that are used to connect these ‘dreams’ with the reality.

Each stage will cost you Oath Materials, and there are 3 kinds of them (click on them to see details):

Fantasy Dust
Fantasy Light
Fantasy Melody

Requirements in Details

For details about 6 stages of a specific character’s Fantasy Oath, please refer to following articles: