Preferred Gifts

GirlT2 Favourite Gifts (+75 Intimacy)T4 Favourite Gifts (+375 Intimacy)
Irene WhiteVintage Movie PosterFashion Accessory
Shi WuxiaDatebookFountain Pen
Yuki KikuriHigh-quality TeaClover Omamori
Juno EmmonsHandmade Apple PieCompetition Skates
RococoHoney MilkSwiss Roll
Eksistere KyreniaSalmon Ice-creamAdv. Rubik’s Cube
CorneliaSpecial Artillery BookIllegal Firearm Part
Shi WuyouBluetooth EarpiecePolaroid
Lida RomeroCactus PotSupermarket Coupon
Su XiaozhenConcert LampDelicacy Collection
Nola MoonAnatomy BookFamous Vinyl Record
Grainne DraserExquisite HairbandLuxury Kitchenware
Nie ShirouHistory of WarfareMemorial Medal
Aniya JungO.T.E. Ionus BatterySpecial Servicing Kit

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