Get Started Guides

If you are a new manager to Girl Cafe Gun, it might be a promising idea to read through our Get Started guide. The Head start guide is written to help you quickly get your hands on the basic functions and gameplays of GCG.

The Get Started guide contains 10 articles that allows you to briefly understand key features and functions of the game and can start playing like Pros as soon as possible.

  1. Main Interface and functions
  2. Get your Café Running
  3. Enhance Affection
  4. Character Cards
  5. Weapons
  6. Arranging your teams
  7. Fight!
  8. At Battlefield
  9. Daily Tasks
  10. Intro to Clans
  11. New Users’ Exclusives

*Suggestions for Recruit Supply Permit (Pink):
We do not recommend you to check-in any result at this time, until new cards have been added to the pool.

What’s Next after the Get Started guides?

You may check out our Guides section for more advanced and numeral stuff or start exploring the game by yourself.

Girl Cafe Gun features visual-novel-like plots, so it might be a clever idea to read those stories in detail, as you may be become more familiar to the settings and to the hearts of the girls around you.

During this process, you are very welcome to utilise resources this wiki provides, and we hope it may be useful to you.