About this Site

Girl Cafe Gun Wiki is a joint venture of BILIBILI and LoliWorks (previously C86 Academic), with assistance of GCG.moe/GCGDS. All contents are provided by contributors and suggestions on this site are for reference only.

This service is completely free of charge without ads or any kind of paywall. Non-propriety contents are authorised under CC-BY-NC 4.0 International.

LoliWorks is an unchartered organisation focused on Computer Science. LoliWorks intend to deepen its knowledge and understanding of the gaming community and industry.

For more information about LoliWorks, please check its website.

Extended Support (LESS)

Since the termination of service notice of Girl Cafe Gun, this website is now in extended support range. LoliWorks intends to provide website’s basic services until 2026.

Learn more about Extended Support, and to submit service requests and feedbacks, please visit LoliWorks LESS page.

Materials provided by GCGDS

GCGDS (also known as GCG.moe), is another branch of LoliWorks (previously C86 Academic). GCGDS is more focused on Chinese variant of Girl Cafe Gun (Double Life World), but they may provide some information that might be useful.

To check out their offerings, please visit GCGDS website for a list.