Terms – The World

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JUDAS is a high-end weapon customisation providor whose customers are often mercenderies or special forces. JUDAS is invested by R.o.S.E. and would provide intellgence service for R.o.S.E. in bbackground.

Atala is a form of accumulated of Ionus that would appear as butterfly-shaped light spot that would only appear where ionus is dence.

Ionus is the primary power source for alphas from the Otherworld, and can be spread within air as plasma, or accumulate and form ionus crystals. Ionus and its crysrals have the ability to reproduce itself though ionus infection.

Alpha refers to the creatures that come from the Otherworld (a world distinct from Earth), who are often enemies of humans. Alphas can obtain energy from ionus by touching or swalling ionus crystals.

Battle Processor Squad 08 is an experimental squad that tests various equipment under development or in pilot stages of deployment. It is the squad led by the Manager, the role played by the Gamer of GCG.

The iOnus Tactical Equipment, often referred as O.T.E., is an outcome of the applied ionus research project taken by R.o.S.E..