Know More About the Girls

Aniya Jung

“Oh! Pardon me! I meant no offense!”


“I will not follow a command that harms my comrades.”

Eksistere Kyrenia

“All Eksie needs is Joker.”

Grainne Draser

“Does it hurt? Let me see.”

Irene White

“All life has a right to exist.”

Juno Emmons

“I’ll wait even a week for the lethal shot.”

Kaanal Scott

“Are we ready for an adventure?”

Lida Romero

“Savin’ the world? Hah sure, just don’t forget the pay!”

Nie Shirou

“Exactly! I am Miss Valentine, the ‘No.1 Landlord from Hell’!”

Nola Moon

“This heart of mine, is yours now.”


“Listen up! My orders are final!”

Shi Wuxia

“How could I face the others if I went easy on myself?”

Shi Wuyou

“My sister’s happiness is everything to me!”

Su Xiaozhen

“Let the food cheer you up~ Kira~”


“Yui is the ‘Only’ in ‘Only one’. What do you think, Manager?”

Yuki Kikuri

“May my blessings pass through you.”