Know More About the Girls


“I will not follow a command that harms my comrades.”

Eksistere Kyrenia

“All Eksie needs is Joker.”

Grainne Draser

“Does it hurt? Let me see.”

Irene White

“All life has a right to exist.”

Juno Emmons

“I’ll wait even a week for the lethal shot.”

Lida Romero

“Savin’ the world? Hah sure, just don’t forget the pay!”

Nola Moon

“This heart of mine, is yours now.”


“Listen up! My orders are final!”

Shi Wuxia

“How could I face the others if I went easy on myself?”

Shi Wuyou

“My sister’s happiness is everything to me!”

Su Xiaozhen

“Let the food cheer you up~ Kira~”

Yuki Kikuri

“May my blessings pass through you.”