Ratings of Character Cards

On this page you can find a collection of our ratings of character cards by tiers. Currently we categorise cards by five categories and is labelled as Tier 0~Tier 3 as well as a ‘Not Tiered’ level which we discourage you to invest in. We recommend you to use resources on Tier 0 cards first, and then those at lower tiers.

This list is suitable for beginners as well as moderate players as reference regarding which card to promote. For advanced users, you can choose to use a more complicated Tactical Finder for Dresses.

This list is for Character Cards, if you are looking for one for weapons, please refer to the Weapons’ Tier List.

Suggestions for Recruit Supply Permit (Pink):
We do not recommend you to check-in any result at this time, until new cards have been added to the pool.

Tier 0

Snowball – Aniya
Moon-viewing – Cornelia
Very strong card that is capable of dealing a very considerable amount of damage, a must have if possible.
Azure Wings – Moon
Strong and powerful card that can be used at many places. Get and raise one if possible.
Birthday – Su Xiaozhen
Strong, powerful and elegant shield and HP recovery card. Very useful under many conditions, including Data Drill and those with high survival pressure.
Party Dress (UR) – Juno
Extraordinary AoE card that may be used on all kind of situations needed, but is not that useful towards any single BOSS levels. It may deal decent damages to bosses and remove all smaller enemies that may distract.
Chess – Eksistere
Provide fantastic AoE damage using stings that have an extraordinary ability to all kinds of enemies, beyond Mechanical attribute.
Xmas – Su Xiaozhen
Provides an extreme output with her active skill with passive skills creating greater damage.
Swimsuit – Irene
A support card that provides astonishing output increase for the whole team (up to 46.2%) when the team has a shield holding above 80%. Very useful alongside with cards that have great output.
Tactical Equip. – Rococo
The perfect and must-have choice for survival levels of the Data Drill, and is quite useful at other conditions when there exists a large amount of bullets that deals considerable damage to team members, or in need to survive due to some lack of proficiency.
Holiday – Shi Wuyou
Massive single target and small AOE DPS card. Her passive stacks Crit and Crit Damage, allowing her normal hits and skill damage to deal impressive damages.
Party Dress (UR) – Lida
The only character which has AOE skill to increase damage taken on multiple targets. Currently the best supporter card to increase the team’s damage dealt.
Birthday – Moon
Outstanding ability to restore shield and to protect the whole team. Nothing more.
Cheongsam – Shi Wuyou
Extremely useful card due to her short skill CD, gathering enemies, and shield breaking using her active skill. Decent stagger type supporter.
Swimsuit – Moon
Can block bullets effectively in Survival levels of Data Drill. Fast cooldown makes your team almost invulnerable in the battlefield.
Party Dress (UR) – Cornelia
Extremely strong damage dealer to both multiple enemies and BOSS. Can even deal against non-effective enemy.
Casual – Shi Wuyou
An Assault card with exceptional crit. damage ability.
Casual – Lida
Although being a medical card, it has an outstanding amplification ratio, especially together with Frontline Warrior.
Tactical Equip. – Yuki
Instant large-scale stagger damage towards enemies, one of the ultimate assault cards.
Casual – Moon
Ultimate firepower when facing a single target.
Maid – Moon
Has outstanding AoE and has superior performance when facing single target. A powerful and universal card of Bio attribute.
Tactical Equip. – Irene
Outstanding performance when targeting a large group of enemies, especially towards those that are near.

Tier 1

Misty – Yuki
Yukata – Rococo
Party Dress (UR) – Irene
Girls Stars – Eksistere
Chess – Cornelia
Capable of breaking shields quickly through its ability to increase damages through moving. Highly useable if character is always on the move, but not to the extent that can cause instant kill. But it is still a very powerful card to use, especially on single Boss.
New Year – Shi Wuxia
A very powerful card with good ability to track targets and cause damage. However, some better alternatives are available for some other situations.
Tactical Equip. – Grainne
This card has an impressive active skill that can cause AoE damages and may eliminate many small enemies as those Lighting Balls proceed. However, in order to allow her express her maximum capabilities, the team need to maintain a high level of shield at all times.
Tactical Equip. – Shi Wuyou
This card has an exceptional useful ability to pull all enemies to a certain place and steadily apply Weaken to them all, allowing other AoE skill to preform itself. It is an optimal choice where there are a great deal of enemies that needs to be weakened for a fast elimination.
Picnic – Irene
Provides high stagger damage buffs towards team members. Using dodge skill may decrease team’s active skill cooldown.
Party Dress (UR) – Yuki
Normal hit increases enemy’s stagger damage taken, while active skill can deal high AOE stagger damage.
Swimsuit – Eksistere
Has an outstanding AOE active skill. Will be useful in Annihilation levels of Data Drill.
Swimsuit – Juno
Her ability to attack on a single target is exceptionally good, while she has moderate abilities against multi-target and make her has a limited scenarios to use.
Tactical Equip. – Shi Wuxia
Has an outstanding amplification ratio towards a single target and can be used to sweep the whole battlefield at the end.
Casual – Yuki
Can be used in Survival levels of Data Drill effectively due to the lack of characters.
Maid – Yuki
Has an ability to pull enemies and can have a presence in Data Drill efficiency levels.
Valentine – Eksistere
Can increase damage dealt by up to 35% and buff stagger damage taken by up to 14%.
Maid – Lida
Capable of dealing up to 50% of additional stagger damage and 18% of additional damage, has a superior performance at efficiency and centralised output data drill levels.
Casual – Cornelia
Although being an assault card, it generates a great deal of damage and can be treated as a top-level firepower Erosive unit.
Maid – Shi Wuyou
Has an outstanding ability to wipe out non-elite enemies while has a limited effect towards single target. Generalized, suitable for preliminary stages of playing.
Maid – Shi Wuxia
Moderate amplification ratio.
Official Dress – Cornelia
Can increase team’s crit. rate by up to 28% and can be at a supporting role when targeting Mechanical BOSSes.
Maid – Rococo
Have a moderate AoE damage rate and its skill can ignore obstacles. However, it has only limited use and is not generalised.
Maple – Irene
An outstanding firepower card with high amplification factor that can be used to deal with a single target.

Tier 2

Defiler – Nie Shirou
Defiler – Irene
Party Dress (UR) – Shi Wuyou
Cause slower moving speed but her ability to increase damage dealt is very considerable. Not suitable to have her in an team set to Auto mode.
Chess – Shi Wuyou
This card has an ability to improve performance like moving speed and crit rate, making it useful if in need to cause a short outburst. With some cards like [Maid – Shi Wuxia], it may increase skill damage of the letter to more than 50%.
Chess – Grainne
May be of some use in survival levels to avoid high damage bullets, but not as good as [TE-Rococo], nor its recovery ability compared with [Birthday-Moon]. However, still a good option to consider.
Mobile Suit – Aniya
This card can cause Paralyze effect on a large scale of enemies and can increase damages dealt on all the enemies. Her ability to reduces CD when Paralyzed enemies are killed makes her even more useful.
Mobile Suit – Nie Shirou
Outstanding damage dealt to each enemy while accompanied by extraordinary short CD period (8s), making her quite useful when facing a number of low-HP high-damage enemies. Equipped with [Call of Victory], her abilities can even expand.
Swimsuit – Rococo
Its passive skills provide a good crit rate amplification and stagger damage, and the active skill is also useful at times in case there are other amplifications.
Tactical Equip. – Cornelia
This card deals a decent damage to enemies when they are being lured or pulled together (like using T.E./Cheongsam Wuyou) using its ability to cause a boom upon knockdowns. However, since the requirements are quite high, it can hardly be called as a top choice.
Gown – Moon
After a large scale numeral and behavioural change, this card is a moderate AOE dealer. Can summon drone to assist in the battlefield.
Cheongsam – Shi Wuxia
Mainly used to create a dodge zone for dodging skills in Survival Levels of Data Drill. Increase damage dealt upon dodging successfully.
Official Dress – Grainne
Can increase damage dealt towards BOSSes by up to 23.5%, can be placed at a supporting role when targeting a Bio-attributed BOSS.
Casual – Grainne
Having limited uses but can be used when recovery of HP is needed.
Maid – Grainne
Has an exceptional ability to shorten the CD time, and could have a superb performance at efficiency levels of Data Drill together with Laser Pistol for much shorter CD time.
Maid – Eksistere
Powerful & handy at preliminary stages of playing, while may not be adequate at later stages.
Casual – Eksistere
An adequate card with adequate amplification ratio.
Maid – Su Xiaozhen
Under the situation that Su Xiaozhen is not harmed, it can boost stagger dealt by the team. It deals large damage at preliminary stages of playing, but may not be adequate later.
Casual – Shi Wuxia
Has an adequate amplification factor and surviving ability, suitable for preliminary stages of playing.
Maid – Juno
The best firepower card when facing the Warden (BOSS).
Defiler – Shi Wuxia
Has an adequate amplification ratio for skills, but can hardly deal maximum output when target is at BREAK.
Training Suit – Grainne
Capable of increasing team’s crit. rate by up to 24.6%, can be used as the supporting role when dealing with bosses of Psionic attribute.
Maid – Cornelia
Its skills can deal considerable damage and is effective under certain situations. However, its presence is not irreplaceable and has only limited uses.
Maid – Irene
Has an above average AoE amplification rate and can be used under certain situations.

Tier 3

Defiler – Cornelia
Yukata – Irene
Tactical Equip. – Eksistere
A decent medic card, but very useless compared to [Birthday – Su Xiaozhen], which can be acquired for free.
Tactical Equip. – Su Xiaozhen
Capable of removing debuffs, but can hardly be used in practice. Anyway, it is a very good-looking card.
Tactical Equip. – Juno
Although her skills look decent, but compared to Wuyou this card has very limited abilities.
Birthday – Shi Wuyou
Although she has a good ability to either improve moving speed or reduce damage taken, but not to an extent that may lead to effective use.
Casual – Aniya
Her skills are all quite useful and have an impressive ability to speed-up shield breaking process. However, her SR basic numbers and the knockback renders her contribution to a strong team be limited to a not-so-perfect extent.
Official Dress – Nie Shirou
This card has an ability to increase shooting speed by a moderate 16.1% for 7 seconds max (avg. 7.51%), which, as well as its speed-up skill, can be replaced by other cards’ team skills. But it might be a useful addition at some times.
Xmas – Eksistere
A tracked skill that might come handy when it may be needed, but neither generalised or extremely useful.
Swimsuit – Shi Wuxia
Has limited skills to eliminate enemy bullets, but is not as good as T.E.-Rococo in survival-critical situations. At limited times it may be useful.
Party Dress (UR) – Grainne
Only suitable for certain stages. Decent attack stat makes her a good support card.
Casual – Juno
Can be called as an assault card as its abilities are moderate.
Tactical Equip. – Lida
Has moderate abilities and only has a few chances to use.
Official Dress – Shi Wuyou
Can be used at Survival levels of Data Drill.
Casual – Rococo
Can cause freeze towards an area of enemies to control the battlefield.