Global GCG Tier List (Characters)


This detailed tier list rates available Girls Cafe Gun dresses based on our current available content. It is constantly updated based on experienced player feedback from the official GCG discord community.
Dresses are sorted by their Attributes and their suggested content usage is included as well. Make sure you take a look at “Tier List Definition” and “Tier List Notes” for details!

(9/30) “Requiem Feathers” (Crystal Suit) Rated –

To use the Unit Finder feature of the Tier list, access the google sheet directly rather than using the embed version below.

Previous Banner Ratings:
(9/09) “Lovestory Dawnbreaker” (Limited) Rated –
(8/26) “Scales and Sword” (One Day Police) Rated –
(8/12) “I Like It (Fast Food)” Rated –
(7/15) “Beacon Between the Stars and Dusts” Rated – (Limited)
(6/29) “Non-anomalous Asylum” – (Cleaner)
“Sword Bearer of the Black Star” – (Defiler) –
“Love Song in Winter” – (Limited) –
“Firework” – (Yukata) –
“Innovative Fairy Tale” – (Fairy Tale) –