Winter Diffuser

Shotgun version of Arctic Bomb. With the same barrel coil as the Eye of Punishment, it can also cause explosions. After the listing it soon got popularity because shooting it in the air on hot days can make the outdoor an air-conditioned cool place in 10 seconds.
Type: Shotgun
Rarity: ★★★★ (Ultra Rare)
Rating: ★★★ (Tier 2)
Acquire at: Standard Supply
First Released: Fireworks & Crackers
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Comment: Used to freeze enemies. The freeze rate depends on each bullet from the shotgun.

Tactical Numbers

Primary Properties

HP: 184~552ATK: 46~138
DEF: 22~69Shield: 91~276

Subsidiary Properties

Damage: 40.50%Crit: 3.00%
Attack Speed: 1.67/SStagger: 32.40

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Skill: Zero Particles

When you hit an enemy, there is a 3.6% chance to deal 34.7% AoE damage and cause Freeze for 1s.

LV.2 | Increases the chance to 4%.
LV.3 | Increases the chance to 4.4%.
LV.4 | Increases the chance to 5.2%.
LV.5 | Increases the chance to 6%.

Level of skills may increase by one each time you perform a Breakthrough. Learn more…

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