Red Ember

Also known as the Ruin Maker. It uses expensive alloy bullets, and only leaves ruin in the place where it has been continuously fired. The model used by the infantry is not able to reflect its full power due to the limited magazine capacity.
Type: Auto Rifle
Rarity: ★★★★ (Ultra Rare)
Rating: ★★ (Tier 3)
Acquire at: Standard Supply
First Released: Burning Fire
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Tactical Numbers

Primary Properties

HP: 184~644ATK: 46~161
DEF: 22~80Shield: 91~322

Subsidiary Properties

Damage: 41.00%Crit: 6.00%
Attack Speed: 8.00/SStagger: 41.00

Properties above may increase every time you Enhance your weapon. Learn more…

Skill: Resurgence

When your active skill is ready, your damage dealt is increased by 1.3% per second. Can stack up to 10 times. The buff will be removed after using the active skill.

LV.2 | Damage dealt is increased by 1.5%.
LV.3 | Damage dealt is increased by 1.7%.
LV.4 | Damage dealt is increased by 1.9%.
LV.5 | Damage dealt is increased by 2.2%.

Level of skills may increase by one each time you perform a Breakthrough. Learn more…

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