Fall of Demigod

Further development of a classic pistol. Because this weapon is not designed to be used on humans, its ammunition has undergone a special treatment to greatly increase the tearing effect.

Type: Pistol
Rarity: ★★ (Rare)
Rating: ★ (Tier 1)
Acquire at: Standard Supply
First Released: With Game Launch
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This weapon is decent against any enemy which can be caused Enfeeble, which makes it a good supporter weapon, increasing damage taken by enemies.

Tactical Numbers

Primary Properties

HP: 157~473ATK: 39~118
DEF: 19~59Shield: 78~236

Subsidiary Properties

Damage: 54.5%Crit: 3%
Attack Speed: 5.33/SStagger: 54.5

Properties above may increase every time you Enhance your weapon. Learn more…

Skill: Slotted Bullet

When your attack hits the target, there is a 4.1% chance to cause Enfeeble for 2s.

LV.2 | There is a 4.6% chance to cause Enfeeble.
LV.3 | There is a 5.1% chance to cause Enfeeble.
LV.4 | There is a 6% chance to cause Enfeeble.

Level of skills may increase by one each time you perform a Breakthrough. Learn more…

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