Beam Rifle

A representative of the new gen of light beam weapons. It has led to the development trend of shell-less weapons. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it will overheat after firing for a long time. In winter, it overheats less but the battery can’t hold for long.

Type: Auto Rifle
Rarity: ★★★ (Super Rare)
Rating: ★★★ (Tier 2)
Acquire at: Standard Supply
First Released: With Game Launch
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(This weapon deals a damage of 218%/s)
This weapon’s skill can increase the damage dealt by the weapon as well as bearer’s skills by up to 25%, and is suitable for using it by a card that can generate large outputs or AoE cards.

Tactical Numbers

Primary Properties

HP: 170~511ATK: 42~127
DEF: 21~63Shield: 85~255

Subsidiary Properties

Damage: 43.6%Crit: 6%
Attack Speed: 5.00/sStagger: 43.60

Properties above may increase every time you Enhance your weapon. Learn more…

Skill: Reflective Beam

After shooting for 5s, your damage dealt is increased by 15% for 3s.

LV.2 | Damage dealt is increased by 16.7%.
LV.3 | Damage dealt is increased by 18.4%.
LV.4 | Damage dealt is increased by 21.7%.
LV.5 | Damage dealt is increased by 25%.

Level of skills may increase by one each time you perform a Breakthrough. Learn more…

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