Comfort Value of Cafe

The comfort value of your Cafe is decided by a maximum of certain amounts of furniture with highest comfort rate and can give additional bonus to girls’ mood recovery and crystalas’ earnings. The total value of Comfort is the sum of the comfort value of the following items with highest Comfort value in its category:

  • 16 Decorations
  • 20 Large Items
  • 40 Small Items
  • 25 Wall Decorations
  • 10 Carpets
  • 16 Seats (furniture, not places)

You can see your current Comfort Value’s breakdown and your bonus you may earn. This Dashboard can be called out from two kinds of UIs:

  • Cafe Screen (Backyard excluded), click on the Cyan smiling face.
  • Furniture Store, click on the Cyan smiling face.

Bonus you may get from Confort Value is as follows:

Value RequirementCrystalas’ BonusMood Recovery’s Bonus
1+10%None (4pt./h)
1000+20%None (4pt./h)
2400+30%+1pt./h (5pt./h)
4800+40%+2pt./h (6pt./h)
8200+50%+3pt./h (7pt./h)
12600+60%+4pt./h (8pt./h)
18000+70%+5pt./h (9pt./h)
24400+80%+6pt./h (10pt./h)
31800+90%+8pt./h (12pt./h)