Soshi Mizuki
A Galaxy-class data-fitting admin
Character Voice: Megumi Haruki (遥 惠美)

Age: Mysterious

Nickname: Soshi; Soshi-chan; the Torpedo

Character description:
A Galaxy-class data-fitting admin, and a ‘mechanical brain’ and the leader of an iron army.


Known as the Type-95 Torpedo in GCG (OG), it was a super intelligent robot ‘manufactured’ by R.o.S.E. a year before ‘the Outbreak’. At the time of its launch, the company claimed that the Type-95 Torpedo is capable of calculations up to ten times of the current top-level supercomputers and was able to identify most human behavior and then respond to it. Because the production costs can be described as almost astronomical, it was not put into mass production, but became one of the battlefield processors after adding a lot of combat capabilities.

Before the Type-95 Torpedo became Soshi Mizuki, its face was an electronic dot display panel on which various expressions can be shown.

It is exceptionally good at data processing and can also produce the best battle plan according to the field environment. When R.o.S.E. receives an urgent commission from its clients, the Type-95 Torpedo was usually the immediate candidate to carry out the commission. There are also various weapons hidden inside, including Alices designed by Director Luo Zhen.

Exceedingly popular with the members of Squad 08 and the Cafe, especially Administrator Seven, who even once proposed to it.

After being defected as Soshi Mizuki, who obtained a human body in Silicon Castle, it returned to the Battle Processors Squad 08 and took up the role of logistics. Up until this day, its gender remains unknown.