Intelligence Officer of Squad 08
Character Voice: Rumi Okubo (大久保 瑠美)

Age: Mysterious

Nickname: Kiriko, chatterbox

Character description:

Popular employee of R.o.S.E., the original raider of Battlefield Processor Squad 08, now the intelligence officer of the current Squad 08, and their gender is somewhat subtle.


In GCG OG, after chapter 8 Kiriko can be dispatched in the base of the battlefield processor to complete the commission. Their profile is described as “gentle and understanding popular employee of R.o.S.E, expert in martial arts and explosive devices, and seems to have been an acquaintance with Rococo for a long time.”
In the combat log, they also self-reported: “Customers are completely treat me as a girl as well.” “Customers always treat me like a girl.” (So why would you say such confusing words?)

In the novel, they never takes a shower with anyone else, and has been told that they might be a man.

They has been saved several times in critical situations by various novelty equipment designed by Luo Zhen, so they admires him very much and claims to be a big fan of Alice.

Once with the help of the power increase glove designed by Luo Zhen fought a car with their bare hands.

As a child, they lived with Rococo and Junior A. When faced with Rococo, they could not help but emerge as a slave.

In the prequel manga of GCG, they participated in the battle to retrieve the remains of Junior A as a member of Battlefield Processor Squad 08.

In GCG, they was in charge of intelligence work in the Battlefield Processor 08 team and was privately commissioned by the store manager to investigate Cecilia’s anomaly.