Catherine Miyamoto
Co-founder of JUDAS
Character Voice: Ishikawa Yui (石川 由依)

Age: Unknown

Nickname: Catherine; Miyamoto

Character description:

She established JUDAS together with Juno and was saved by Faust after being infected by Ionus with the source power suppressant at an early stage, consequently fell in love with him although she holds different opinions about Ionus with him.


She has two swords, one of which is a red, flame-like taijutsu called the “Static Star”.

Catherine’s was actually quite vacillating regarding her emotions towards Faust. In the words of her best friend, Juno ‘the Big Sister’, is: “she was in Faust’s boat, but didn’t want to be a serious bad guy, like a naive girl who fell in love with a punk”.

He was later imprisoned in the lower level of Princess Island. During the battle of Princess Island, she managed to escape because of the electronic lock failure. Due to her regret towards Juno and Eksistere, with the Ionis of infection gradually endangering their bodies, she decided to open a path towards the R.o.S.E. Cafe, while her survival remains unknown.