Administrator No.7
Intelligence Officer of Squad 08
Character Voice: Mei Shibata (柴田 芽衣)

Age: 14

Nickname: No. 7; Nana-chan; Yako.

Character description:
Commonly known as No. 7 or Nana-chan, she was the firepower of the previous Battle Processor Squad 08. She is now mainly responsible for the cafe and store work.

A mistake in a human experiment she was involved in led to her increased sensitivity to sweetness and decreased sensitivity to acidity.
The lollipop that she has been holding is so acidic that it will make teeth experience what it means to taste like ’life is worse than death‘.
Currently there is only one small candy factory producing these lollipops, and the number produced each month is only fifty.
Even if you buy them through R.o.S.E. connections, you can only get six or seven of them every month, so please taste the lollipop with gratitude every time.
She owns the ability to “attract bullets to her knees automatically if someone fires a gun within her 50-meter radius”.
The dog doll on her shoulder is actually a “weapon devourer” developed by Luo that can devour all modern weapons, including cannon shells, and is a “modern weapons’ killer” that can transform every weapon into energy fluctuation beam.
Combining her abilities with the doll, No. 7 can simultaneously attack and defend, and in emergencies she will move the doll from her shoulder to her knee.
This can minimize the threat caused by modern weapons to themselves. No. 7 is good at mapping weaponised tricks, so position warfare is her strong point.
When setting up defensive positions for fire point placements, No. 7 has a slight OCD. She hates the masked Luo Zhen and often quarrels with him but has a fondness for ‘Type-95 Torpedo’. Her relationship with Jia Jia is also good.
Before ‘the Outbreak’, she was an avid fan of Su Xiaozhen. But after the explosion, or after Su Xiaozhen changed her hairstyle, her enthusiasm and love for Xiaozhen was halved, but is still found of Xiaozhen and maintains a great relationship with her.
In the prequel manga “Fade Away”, she participated in the battle to retrieve the remains of Junior A as a member of the Battlefield Processor Squad 08.