Weapons, along with character cards, are the most important things to choose when scrambling your teams.


Every weapon has a basic property of type, just like they do in reality. In GCG, weapons are categorised into five types, they are:

  • Auto Rifle: High shooting speed, medium crit. rate, but usually deal less damage for each shot.
  • Grenade Launcher: Slow shooting speed, deals considerable damage and stagger.
  • Pistol: Considerable stagger rate, low damage dealt every shot but at a high rate.
  • Shotgun: Considerable and somewhat all-rounded values but would shoot 5/7 spreading shots each time.
  • Sniper Rifle: High damage and Stagger rate but has the lowest shooting speed. Crit. is also considerable.

Each type of weapons can only be used on Character Cards with the same weapon type.


A weapon may be obtained through:

  • Gacha (Standard Supply or Exclusive Supply)
  • If this weapon is only available from Exclusive Supplies, it would only be available in that certain period.
  • Activities (reward for completing certain tasks)
  • Redemption (Trade for some tokens)
  • In-App Purchases (Buy using real money)


Rarity, just like its name, represents how rare is this weapon to appear when doing gachas. In GCG, the Rarity is divided into four categories:

  • ★ (Common) 12%
  • ★★ (Rare) 70%
  • ★★★ (Super Rare) 15%
  • ★★★★ (Ultra Rare) 3%

With more stars, a weapon would have better tactical numbers in general and thus having a better performance in most cases. However, due to differences in their skills, it is NOT always true that a weapon with more rarity would be more suitable than those with lower rarity.



Ratings is our (GCG.moe) suggestions regarding whether you should invest in this weapon. It is evaluated based upon its performance in Data Drill. Our ratings are a tiered system, starting from the highest Tier 0 to lowest Tire 3. However, many weapons are rated as Not Tiered, those are weapons we do not suggest you invest resources into promoting. We tier all other weapons as following:

  • Tier 0: Very generalised powerful weapons or those who have especially powerful skills.
  • Tier 1: Weapons worth promoting, having excellent performance in some cases.
  • Tier 2: Weapons can be promoted if having sufficient resources, may be useful under certain circumstances.
  • Tier 3: Weapons that have limited usages and can be useful at times.

We suggest you promote all the higher-tiered cards if you have them, and then those at lower tiers. All tiers have considered differences between rarities.

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