Main Interface and Functions

Upon entering the game, you will be greeted with following interface, we call it the Main Interface. It is also the place where all the functions are guided from.

Please note that in many interfaces there exists an icon of a house that would lead you straight to the Main Interface.

Let’s take a close look at its structure, and where all the elements may lead you to.

At the top left of the interface, you may see an icon of your M.Scr Grl (Main Screen Girl), your Level and your nickname. The blue bar below the texts represents your current progress within this level. By clicking this section, you will be guided to a menu where preferences and the “Encyclopedia” section lies.

Beside you can see an icon with “PASS” written on it, touching it you will enter the ‘Battle Pass’ section where you may use merits to gain. In the final appearance of the English Version, you can see the current server’s time, which is presented in UTC-4. The date within the game would change at 4:00 AM every morning in that time zone. See Current Time…

On the left side of this interface, you can see five buttons in a column, from top to bottom they are:
Activities: Where activities, regardless of daily or time-limited ones, are shown, and related awards are claimed.
Terminal: Where you would interact with girls and NPCs through Private Chats and Moments and claim your rewards from the Command through Mail.
Notice: Where you can see all announcements made by game operators and is displayed daily when you enter the game. It is a good place to get know what is going on besides official SNS and this Wiki.
Friends: Where you may manage in-game relationships with other Managers, send/accept/refuse friend requests, giveaway/receive your energies and edit your blacklist.
Clan: Where you can participate in Guild Missions and claim rewards for your personal contribution or completed guild goals, receive daily welfare, and explore the inner city with your guildmates if it is available. If you are not yet a member of a Guild, you can choose to create one or join one.

At the bottom of this UI, you can see a chatroom on the left and four functions on the right. The chatroom allows you to communicate with other managers in public (world), private, or with your guildmates. Please note that on iOS version, the chatroom function is not available.
The four buttons, from left to right, are:
Storage: Where you can manage, use and apart your Weapons, Modules, Goods, Resources, Fragments, Gifts and other items.
Team: Where you can pre-assemble your teams (up to six) and name them, as well as managing your arrangements when supporting other managers.
Shop: Where redemption and in-app purchases are made.
Mission: Where daily tasks and achievements and listed and corresponding awards are claimed.

You can see your possession of Energy, Crystalas and Earth Coins at top right, and clicking on them will guide you to an interface where you may get more of them by redemption (uses items or in-game currency), or in-app purchases (uses real-world money).

Below the stats, there is a rotating banner and by clicking on the current banner you will be guided to corresponding page.

At the center left of the view you will see a moving and fully-interactable figure of your M.Scr Grl, in your selected cloths. By slightly clicking on the figure, you will see the banner replaced by a ‘Change’ button for 5 seconds, where you can enter the changing room page and alter your M.Scr Grl as well as the dresses girls wear.

Last but not the least, you can see four (or five, if you have not completed the in-game guide) large buttons on center right. They are:
Girls: Where you can manage your character cards.
Cafe: Where you manage the daily operations of the cafe like arranging staff(s) on duty, making coffee, decorating hall, bedrooms, and your backyard, as well as arranging training and rests of the girls in your cafe.
Supply: This is where gachas of Character Cards and Weapons are taken place.
Fight / Attack: Primary function. It would guide you to a secondary menu where you may choose to explore main stories, do coordinated attacks, make vows with girls, or take part in activities.