Get your Café Running

Cafe is an important part of this game. You can customise your hall and two bedrooms as you wish and claim Coffee Coins and Crystala for every coffee you sold. Both currencies are useful when preforming certain actions, and please be aware that it is also the only way to acquire Coffee Coins for free within this game.

To enter your Cafe, simply click on the ‘Cafe’ button on the Main Interface.

Upon entering the game, you will be greeted by your hall. Initially there will be only a few seats and furniture that is assigned to you, but do not worry, you will be allowed to unlock more functions as you operate your cafe.

To start, click on ‘Make Coffee’ button located on the bottom, and make coffee as suggested.

To ensure that your cafe makes maximised profit for you, you will need to assign waiters and allow them to rest at either of the bedrooms when their mood is bad due to long-time duty in hall. To arrange this, click on the ‘Manage Shop’ button on the bottom right, and drag-and-drop icons of girls into Cafe or Bedroom to set their status.

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