Daily Tasks

Every day, there exists daily tasks waiting for your completion. You may find Daily Tasks from the ‘Missions’ section at the Main Interface, located at the bottom right corner. By completing Daily Tasks, you can receive various rewards:

10 Points: 10000 Crystalas
25 Points: 10000 Crystalas; 1 T3 Universal BFDB; 1 T3 Weapon Enhancer; 300 Merit
50 Points: 20000 Crystalas; 1 Red-lipped Alice; 200 Coffee Coins; 300 Merit
75 Points: 20000 Crystalas; 1 Std. Weapon Request; 600 Ionus Battery; 400 Merit
100 Points: 50000 Crystalas; 20 Merkel Unit; 50 Earth Coins; 600 Merit

*Please note that Merits can only be obtained when the battle pass is available.

You can quickly obtain 75 points in 3 mins:

  1. Interact (touching head) with any girl for five times.
  2. Purchase the free item in store.
  3. Produce at least one cup of coffee.
  4. Arrange a training at the cafe.
  5. Receive all energy given by your friends.

Daily Tasks would refresh at 4:00 in the morning: