Enhance Affection

By getting closer to girls, you will be able to unlock more of their Bio and ‘Shared Moments’ stories (in Bond) where you may receive Earth Coins and other awards for viewing.

To get intimate with girls, you will need to create affection with them, and currently there are four ways.

Method 1: Interaction (Headpat)

For every hour, you will be granted an opportunity to touch a girl’s head once and such opportunity can be accumulated for up to five times. This action is available at both the Main Interface or at Girls’ Page which can be accessed by touching on girls’ icon on the right in ‘Manage Shop’ section in the Cafe.

Interacting from the Main Interface
Interacting from Girl’s Page

To initiate, you will need to touch and hold on the girl’s head, forehead if possible, and slide to any direction. At this time, a vertical progress bar would appear and progress as you move further. When this bar is filled, you may release and complete this action. Remaining opportunities as well current status of her affection to you would show up when you completed this action (at Main Interface) or would be available on the top status bar (at Girls’ Page).

Method 2: Sending Gifts

Affection will also be deepened when you send gifts. To perform this action, you will need to navigate to Girls’ Page (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop -> Girl’s icon on the RIGHT) and click on ‘Gifts’.

You can send one gift by dragging this gift directly from list to girl’s figure, or in bulk by clicking on ‘Sending Gifts’, and then choose item and quantity to send.

Giving Gifts by Dragging
Giving Gifts in Bulk

Generally, Gifts with Golden Frame would be more effective than purple-framed ones, followed by blue-framed and white-framed ones. Meanwhile, sending gift of that girl’s interest would be more useful than other gifts of the same level.

Method 3: Arranging Training

For each training completed, the girl will be closer to you based upon the duration and decoration of your backyard.

To arrange a training, you will need to navigate to ‘Manage Shop’ section (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop) and drag-and-drop girl’s icon at one of the four training subjects located at the bottom left. Or you may arrange one at Girls’ Page (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop -> Girl’s icon on the RIGHT) and click on ‘Training’.

Assign by Deag&Drop
Assign from Girl’s Page

Each subject has a duration from 1 hour to 8 hours, and you would only be granted rewards upon the confirming of completion, which means interruptions would invalid your training in whole.

When the training is completed, you may click on the button on the bottom left and collect your rewards. You will be prompted whether to repeat the same training plan.

Method 4: Completing Daily Request

Each day, a random girl would ask for a random request, which you would receive rewards for completing them.

The game with ongoing requests will be listed at top with a yellow ‘!’ mark on top right corner at the ‘Manage Shop’ section (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop). By entering this girl’s page by clicking on her icon, you will notice a moving bubble waiting for your attention.

Click on the bubble, you will be able to see today’s request. After completing this request you can navigate back to this page to claim your rewards, which include 300 intimacies.