Character Cards

Character Cards, together with weapons, are the most important things to choose when organising your teams.


A character card may be obtained through:

  • Gacha (Standard Supply or Exclusive Supply)
    If this card is only available from Exclusive Supplies, it would only be available in that certain period.
  • Activities (reward for completing certain tasks)
  • Redemption (Trade for some tokens)
  • In-App Purchases (Buy using real money)
  • Fantasy Oath (Completing tasks)


Rarity, just like its name suggests, represents how rare this card is to appear when doing gachas. In GCG, the Rarity is divided into four categories:

  • ★ (Common) 12%
  • ★★ (Rare) 70%
  • ★★★ (Super Rare) 15%
  • ★★★★ (Ultra Rare) 3%

With more stars, a card would have better tactical numbers in general and thus have a better performance in most cases. However, due to differences in their skills, it is NOT always true that a card with higher rarity would be more suitable than those with lower rarity.


Attribute is particularly important during fights, as appropriate attribute gains 50% extra damage compared normal ones and incorrect ones. This boost is 100% in Drills, making it absolutely mandatory to follow attribute advantage to rank high.

Relations between attributes are as follows:


There are five types of weapons in GCG, their name and main features are as follows:

  • Auto Rifle: High shooting speed, medium crit. rate, but usually deals less damage for each shot.
  • Grenade Launcher: Slow shooting speed, deals considerable damage and stagger.
  • Pistol: Considerable stagger rate, low damage dealt per shot but at a high rate.
  • Shotgun: Considerable and somewhat all-rounded values but would shoot 5/7 scattered shots each time.
  • Sniper Rifle: High damage and Stagger rate but has the lowest shooting speed. Crit. is also considerable.

A Character Card can only use its predefined weapon type, and each piece of equipment can only be used once in the same team.


Position is a hint of what this card is capable of. It is particularly useful when you are attempting to organising a well-balanced team.

  • Assault: Able to exhaust enemies’ shield quickly.
  • Defence: Able to protect the team.
  • Firepower: Able to deal massive damage.
  • Medic: Have skills to restore shield or HP.
  • Support: Various skills to boost team or debuff enemies.



Ratings is our ( suggestions regarding whether you should invest in this card. It is evaluated based upon its performance in Data Drill. Our ratings are a tiered system, starting from the highest Tier 0 to lowest Tire 3. However, many cards are rated as Not Tiered, those are cards we do not suggest you invest resources into promoting. We tier all other cards as following:

  • Tier 0: Very generalised powerful cards or those who have especially powerful skills.
  • Tier 1: Cards worth promoting, having excellent performance in some cases.
  • Tier 2: Cards can be promoted if you have sufficient resources, may be useful under certain circumstances.
  • Tier 3: Cards that have limited usage.

We suggest you promote all the higher-tiered cards if you have them, and then those at lower tiers. All tiers have considered differences between rarieties.