By clicking the ‘Fight / Attack’ button on the Main Interface, you will enter a sub-menu where you may choose from a variety of modes.

Fight Menu. Where says ‘No Commands’ is reserved for Activities.


Campaign contains the main story of the Game. It is critical for you to read those stories to fully understand girls and other characters.

For first three chapters there are 5 normal levels and a boss level, while later chapters will have 11 normal levels and one boss level. By completing a level, you will be granted some small rewards, but for the first pass you will be awarded by something more valuable, such as Earth Coins.

If you have successfully passed normal levels, you may choose to challenge for harder options, by selecting the icon on the top right and switch to Hard or Challenge mode.

In Normal and Hard Mode, gathering stars may give you additional rewards. Simply click on Grade Rewards on the bottom right, you will be able to claim additional rewards if you have gathered enough star boundaries.

6-level Chapter
Star Reward.
12-level Chapter, Part A
12-level Chapter, Part B

Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt contains four sections, they are:

  • Crystala Hunt will allow you to gather Crystalas by completing tasks.
  • Soldier Training can give you promoting materials for character cards.
  • Part Collection is where you may obtain promoting materials for weapons.
  • Limit Break will grant you materials used for breaking of Character Cards.
Bounty Hunt Main Menu
Menu for a specific Character.

For each of the four sections, there exists two Bonus Reward every day. Each Bonus Reward will offer you an additional quantity of the normal reward.

For Bounty Hunt levels, if your team have enough proficiency, you may safely switch to Auto Mode as normally they would be able to complete the tasks.

Materials you obtained in Soldier Training and Limit Break are characterised, meaning they may only be used for character cards of the same attribute. From Monday to Friday, only levels of one attribute would be available. If you wish to enter a different level that is not available, you may use (Crimson) Quantum Palm / Iris to unlock any Limit Break / Solder Training level for once.

Data Drill

Data Drill would create 3 x 3 levels that are refreshed and opened every week at 4:00 Tuesday and would be closed at 4:00 next Monday. By achieving higher scores and come first in percentages, you will be granted with Earth Coins, Crystalas as well as Drill Medal and Thank You! tokens that can be used to exchanging important resources and some Character Cards.

Currently, there are three sections, they are:

  • Combat Zone of Efficiency: The faster you clear the stage, the more points you can get.
  • Combat Zone of Output: the more damage you deal, the more points you get.
  • Combat Zone of Survival: The higher your survival percentage is, the more points you get.

Although rewards are extensive, please do remember to plan these hard-earned tokens wisely. There are many exchanging options, and some items listed may be available through other channels and may be earned in an easier way.

For more information, please refer to Data Drill (Advanced).

Rewards granted by percentage
Rewards granted by scores
Exchange using Tokens

Coordinated Attack

In Coordinated Attack, you will be fighting with two other managers. Upon completion, you will be awarded with Merkel Unit and Module(s) with random quality. From Monday to Friday, only characterized level would be available.

For each Area, you can select from 5 difficulties, and completing one difficulty for the first time would unlock the next.

Coordinated Attack Main Menu
Selecting Difficulty
Scrambling Team

If you are the team leader, please ensure that your team’s total Proficiency has reached the recommendation (so that no number would display in RED). Otherwise, your team may not be able to complete the level.

Fantasy Oath

For Fantasy Oath, please refer to its dedicated section.