At Battlefield

Upon entering the battlefield, you can choose to toggle the ‘Auto’ option (can be found on top right corner) to ON and allow your team to fight autonomously, and it works on many occasions. Please note that if you have enabled ‘Auto-battle’ before entering the battlefield, it is toggled ON by default and touching that option will interrupt auto-battle.

However, it is still important that you are aware of all the functions available. At times, you may need to operate characters on your own, providing that you are:

  • In need to pass this level with a team lacking proficiency, or
  • Striving to pass this level with flying colours, or
  • Ineligible for toggling ‘Auto’ option on at the beginning.

The battlefield operations consist of five sections, and they are all important. On the bottom left you will see a simulated joystick; it is used to direct all girls on your team to move across the battlefield. Please be aware that if some of your girls are stuck by barriers or in abnormity and cannot move, only moveable ones will obey your command while others will join in as soon as possible.

Overview of a Battlefield

To the right you will see one large button with a bullet shell logo and four icons around it. The large one is ‘Attack’ button, and when it is activated, girls will shoot towards their closest enemy when possible (no manual aiming required); around it, the first three icons counterclockwise are triggers of Active Skills of your character cards and touching them would release corresponding active skills at automatically decided location/direction when you release. If you want to appoint specific location/direction, drag that icon to make your choice and decide your timing.

An example of manual skill aiming.

The only button left on the bottom-right corner is ‘Dash’, and all teammates will suspend current shooting processes and move a considerable distance swiftly. The direction of dash, like skills, can be customised by dragging, and is also possible to do it by quickly sliding your finger in that direction on the empty areas of the display. If you do not appoint a direction, girls will simply dash towards current moving direction.

Active skills and Dash has a Cooldown (CD) period within which you may not trigger again (but for dash you can accumulate at most three chances at the same time). CD time for active skills can be seen on card description page, and for dash it is a constant 6 seconds.

Skills activated, and CD started

On the top right corner there is the ‘Auto’ option where girls can engage with enemies on their own. However, it is highly discouraged that you turn this or ‘Auto-battle’ on if your team do not have a higher proficiency than the one recommended by the game as it is not as smart as you are. One exemption is that you are intending to use this function with your own operations, as ‘Auto’ function can release skills as soon as they are ready.

Beside it is a pause button. Hitting it would allow you to temporary hold this battle to do other things in your real life or to adjust game settings such as graphics quality. It is worth noticing that the pause screen also separately adjusts whether should the ‘Auto’ function trigger a active skill when it is ready and there exists enemy by checking/unchecking. It also provides a function to choose whether to set your ‘Attack’ button as a switch or an on-demand bottom that will rebound. These settings will be inherited by your future combats.

The Pause UI