Arranging your teams

For any team there should have at least one character and could have at most three main characters with at most three assists, for modules of distinct categories, and a weapon that can be armed with at most four dissimilar categories.

Teams UI

You can arrange your teams when you are about to attack, or you may arrange them in advance by clicking ‘Teams’ button located at the bottom right section of the Main Interface.

You can have 6 teams at the same time, and you may rename the team you select as you wish by clicking ‘Edit Team Name’ option.

You would notice a ‘Team Proficiency’ at the top, and it is a useful indicator of whether your team may be able to complete your missions.

If you are participating time-limited activities, sometimes having certain character cards within your team may bring you additional benefits. You may check out details when organizing teams by clicking ‘Activity Earnings’ button on the bottom left corner.

Edit Team‘s Name
Activity Earnings
Assist Loadout

You may also arrange your Assist Loadout (1 person only) if you navigate from the Main Interface. Higer proficiency may allow you to assist more managers each day and earn more Crystala (500 each time).

Arranging your teams wisely can greatly ease the difficulties at the battlefield. Under the same proficiency, a better team can perform much better than a less good one. For example, if your team have a lower proficiency than suggested by the game, a better arrangement may sometimes even allow you to pass with excellence. Estimated contribution towards proficiency of each part of your team is as follows:

  • Primary Cards: 40%
  • Supporting Cards: 40%
  • Weapon: 8%
  • Modules: 4%
  • Fragments: 8%

However, please keep in mind that skills of Primary Cards and Weapons are also particularly important although they would not reflect on proficiency.

If you do not intend to spend time selecting cards and weapons, here is our suggestion:

  • Promote cards and weapons that are generally better. You may refer to our Character Cards Ratings.
  • Use automatic arranging function to scramble a team.
  • Only attempt a level if your team’s proficiency has matched the suggestion in game.
Team Recommendations Options

If you are willing to dive deep into numbers and skills of those cards, here is a brief summary of things you should do.

Please note that doing this on your own is a time-consuming job. If you are not rich in time, please consider other methods.

  • Understand numbers and skills, in details.
  • Test character cards, weapons, and combinations in battlefield, and make your own conclusion.
  • Promote all cards and weapons you consider useful.
  • Acquire and promote modules, refine them to improve their properties.
  • Acquire and promote fragments, refine them to improve their properties, and assemble at least three combinations constitutes of four dual-property fragments.
  • Carefully select main characters and weapons, and match this team with appropriate assists, modules, and fragments.

To check the numbers and status of your team, you may click the “Switch Information” Button and check for overall numbers of your modules, weapons and fragments (if any).

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