Promoting Weapons

Promoting your Weapons is crucial to improve your teams’ abilities. Although improvements by numbers are not as significant as Character Cards, but it is also needed.

Please note that in this article we will not discuss about the Fragments system to be released.

Enhance to obtain higher levels

When levels of a weapon increase, both primary and subsidiary properties would slightly increase.

By using this weapon at battlefield, or use your resources (Weapon Enhancer), you may accumulate EXP for this weapon and its level would increase accordingly. EXP needed for enhancements are listed below:

Starting from Lv1Total EXP needed to reach
Level RangeEXP needed within this range

Categorised by Tier, using Weapon Enhancers can help you quickly accumulate EXP at the expense of itself and Crystalas. EXPs Weapon Enhancers may provide and Crystalas needed are listed below:

Weapon EnhancersT4 (Gold)T3 (Purple)T2 (Blue)T1 (White)
EXPs Provided50000100002500500
Crystalas Needed50000100002500500

To Enhance using Weapon Enhancers, navigate to ‘Enhance’ panel of this Weapon, and choose materials you would like to use, then click to the ‘Enhance’ button.

Break to unlock higher limits

When a weapon is obtained, it is at Level 1 in both EXP-based level and skills. This means your weapon would only have the lowest levels and EXP-based level could only be enhanced up to Level 40. To ease such restrictions as well as to enhance your weapon’s skills, you need to use other weapons to Break.

To break, navigate to ‘L. Break’ panel of this weapon and choose other weapons of same model or enhance-able models (Gold Rifle or Silver Rifle). Weapon chosen will be defragmented and used to enhance your current weapon. For each Break, you will be charged with different number of materials as well as Crystalas.

For ★ (Common) weapons (use Silver Rifle):

StageMax Lv.MaterialsCrystalas
Lv1->Lv240->50 (+1)1 Weapon20000
Lv2->Lv350->60 (+2)2 Weapons40000
Lv3->Lv460->70 (+3)3 Weapons60000

For ★★ (Rare) weapons (use Silver Rifle):

StageMax Lv.MaterialsCrystalas
Lv1->Lv240->50 (+1)1 Weapon30000
Lv2->Lv350->60 (+2)2 Weapons60000
Lv3->Lv460->70 (+3)3 Weapons90000

For ★★★ (Super Rare) weapons (use Silver Rifle):

StageMax Lv.MaterialsCrystalas
Lv1->Lv240->50 (+1)1 Weapon40000
Lv2->Lv350->60 (+2)2 Weapons80000
Lv3->Lv460->70 (+3)3 Weapons120000
Lv4->Lv570->80 (+4)4 Weapons160000
Breaking a SR weapon, use Silver Rifle

For ★★★★ (Ultra Rare) weapons (use Gold Rifle):

StageMax Lv.MaterialsCrystalas
Lv1->Lv240->50 (+1)1 Weapon50000
Lv2->Lv350->60 (+2)2 Weapons100000
Lv3->Lv460->70 (+3)3 Weapons150000
Lv4->Lv570->80 (+4)4 Weapons200000
Breaking a UR weapon, use Gold Rifle