Event Guide: Decisive Advantage

With the previous event ending there’s an update on Decisive Advantage (Chess Event) that marks another event in Girl Cafe Gun!

This event brings new cards along with limited stages to play, new weapons, and much more from 2022-01-13 to 2022-01-27!

New Cards

Among them, [Chess – Shi Wuyou] is granted through activities! Click on the card to learn more!

★★★★ Ultra Rare Cards
Chess – Cornelia
Chess – Grainne
★★★ Super Rare Cards
Chess – Eksistere
Chess – Shi Wuyou

New Weapon

EM Cannon

This weapon’s original name is Punisher of Cheaters because of a small line engraved on the gun body that says, Cheaters will be punished by the thunder.” This weapon is a prototype developed by R.o.S.E.’s mecha department and is expected to be used on the new mecha.

This weapon is granted though activities. Click on the title or the picture to learn more.

Activity’s Basics

EP.1: Prepared Variation
ACT.1: Closed Game
ACT.2: Multiple Attack
ACT.3: Connected Passed Pawns
EP.2: Overextension
ACT.4: Speculative Move
ACT.5: Clearance & Sacrifice
ACT.6: Bishops Breakthrough
EP.3: Critical Position
ACT.7: Royal Fork
ACT.8: Time Pressure
ACT.9: Castling (Get [Chess – Wuyou])
EP.4: Endgame Battle
ACT.10: Counterplay Control
ACT.11: Stalemate
ACT.12: Smothered Checkmete
EP.5: Romanticism

SP.1: En Passant
SP.2: Zugzwang
SP.3: Grandmaster?
SP.4: Repeated Convergence

Attribute: Mechanical (Blue)
Attribute Counter: Psionic (Green)

Event Requirements to unlock:
Clear Stage 3-6 (Standard)

There are 8 areas that will cause paralyse upon crossing.
Soshi would shoot out green circular bullets.
Soshi can deploy two types of circular booms that cause AoE Danages
Soshi can shoot out electric balls and circles that cause damages.
Soshi would deploy long time electric borders that would cause damages upon touching.
Soshi will follow paths connected by pawns, and increase her capabilities upon arriving at each one.
There will have other smaller enemies being generated.

FAQ Answered.

Where to farm

The most ideal place is ACT-12. However, if you are unable to have a proficiency above recommendation (16150), then you should try the highest level you may conquer.

Anyway, you should try completing ACT-9 at least once to obtain character card [Chess – Shi Wuyou].

What about the SP levels?

You should challenge them for additional Earth Coin rewards.

To access these levels, click on the switching icon on the top right.

Finally, the infamous public broadcast…

Podcast Text (Spoiler Alert!)
Someone’s recording of this thing…

—This is a broadcast to all of Princess Island—
Soshi! Soshi! Soshi! Soshi!
Soshi Soshi Soshi Soshi
Tastes great! PeroPero……
I want to lick Mizuki Soshi-chan’s gold curled hair!!!
Eh, wait.
I mean I want to touch it!!!
Touch~ touch~ touch her hair~! Running my fingers through her hair~!
Soshi-chan swaying back and forth on the algorithm core is super cute!!
Ah~ Ah~ Ahhhhh~!!!!!
Soshi-chan returning to the Battlefield Processors is fantastic!!!
Ah~ She’s super cute!!! Soshi-chan is super cute!!!!
I’m so happy that I get to be Soshi’s opponent in this chess drill.
Yay~!!!! Meow~!!!! Gah~!!!!!!
Soshi is going to defeat me at the drill!
Ah, come to think of it, I can never beat her at chess…
Will Soshi-chan despise me?
How could it be! No!!!!!!
Damn! Bastard! I’m going to say goodbye to this awful world…
Eh, is she watching me?
Even though I’m about to lose, Soshi-chan is looking at me?
Soshi-chan is watching me on the terminal screen!
Soshi-chan is looking at me!
The super cute Soshi-chan is looking at me!
The super cute Soshi-chan is talking to me!
That’s great! It seems the world hasn’t given up on me yet!!!
I still have Soshi-chan!
I did it, Coco!
I can be happy even though I’m single!!!
Ah, the super cute Soshi-chan ahhh!!!!!!
Ki… Kiriko! Admin No.7! Director Luo Zhen!!
Please tell Soshi-chan I miss her so much!
Please tell the Battle Processor Mizuki Soshi!!
by Cafe Manager playername

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