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At last, two new girls have joined the battle! Not only that, they bring in a new type of suit! Can’t wait for us to discover and learn more about them. Beyond the joke that is the GCG translation team not settling on a consistent translation for Kaanal (Carol), it certainly is refreshing to see a new loli 😉


S: Crystal Suit Kaanal – strongest immune aoe to date
B: Crystal Suit Yui- “But why?”
C: Casual Kaanal – “watch the world burn”
Waifu: Casual Yui- “poison everyone?”

S: Crystal Kaanal (Immune – Firepower – Pistol)

Active Skill (24s cd): “Wings of Light” – frontal aoe 1634.3% / 1815.9% / 1997.5% / 2360%dmg

Large range, fast cast

Instant damage is nice.
Oath Lida’s cast can potentially do 2483% dmg over 5s
Chess Eksistere’s cast can do 2450%dmg over 4 thorns aoe.

Passive 1: Upon using Wings of Light, fire 2 additional missiles at nearby targets. Missiles on hit creates a DoT damage area that does 63% / 70% / 77% / 91%dmg per second, for 10s

The two DoT damage area damage does not stack, even if a mob is standing in the field of both.
A potential 910% dmg over 10s is quite nice.

Chess Eksistere’s passive, which can trigger by those killed by her skill, does 383.4% aoe dmg per second, over 6s

Passive 2: For each target hit by Wings of Light reduce cd by 1.25 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.8s, up to 5 times per cast

A potential to reduce cd by 9s (24s -> 15s) when hitting 5 targets in dd effiAnni.

Instant aoe with large range, fast cast, really fits into what is needed in our existing datadrill effiAnni content. Crystal Kaanal is by far the strongest Immune AOE dps we’ve seen to date, putting her in similar spot as Chesski/GS eski in their own respective elements. Granted, our current “min-maxed” team is just using Innocent Days (loli) Juno in every single effiAnni and ignoring elemental requirements. Plus, we haven’t seen effiAnni that requires Immune team very much either. All that said, she’s quite deserving of getting S tier.

Other interesting notes, Crystal Kaanal has a 390 atk stat, so whales may want multiple copies of her. Can’t wait to see how many managers in GCGO discord will switch to being a Kaanal Manager.

B: Crystal Suit Yui (Mech – Assault – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill (24s cd): “Raging Inferno” – aoe mob gathering, deal 435.8% / 629.4%dmg and 6150 / 7516 / 8883 stagger dmg

A total 629.4 + 8883 = 9512 aoe stagger dmg is quite impressive.
CN states the range is small for both the mob gathering and actual damage aoe, and requires a proper mob gatherer.

Oath Yuki does 3020 stagger dmg, heartcatcher rococo does 5805 stagger dmg, but both their ranges are much bigger.
Gingko Grainne does ~13500 stagger dmg, and FF wuxia does 13000 stagger dmg vs single target.

Passive 1: When Raging Inferno hits 3 or more targets, deal an additional 2726 / 3028 / 3331 / 3937 stagger dmg

But why? ~5k stagger dmg should deal more than enough damage for elites anyway. Maybe it’s for some weird situation where a boss has mobs like the crab boss?

Passive 2: For every enemy around you, your stagger damage in increased by 2.9% / 3.2% / 3.5% / 6%, can stack up to 4 times

But why? ~5k stagger dmg should deal more than enough stagger dmg anyway

If the stars align, she has a potential stagger damage of (9512 + 3937) * (150% + 6% * 4) / 150% = 13500 * 116% = 15660 stagger dmg. Wow.

Her primary skill has very impressive stagger dmg values, despite the lacking aoe capability. Furthermore, her passives just scream confusion. As I read her skills I’m just thinking of the “But why?” meme. I’m not sure she fits into any of our existent content.

For dd effiSpec, just use Oath Yuki/Heartcatcher Rococo instead. For dd effiboss, she won’t have multiple targets to trigger her higher stagger. Maybe she can be used in some future dd outputStruggle content? Is she meant to be coupled with the new limited gun? Pushing her stagger damage potential of 15660 even higher for some reason? BUT WHY?

In an output scenario, she’ll fit a similar range as Chess Cornelia, which is currently at B.

C: Casual Kaanal (Mech – Support – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Passion of Traveler” – Create a bonfire that increases teammates damage by  11.7% / 13% / 14.3% / 16.9% for 5s

Simple +team dmg ability, value is a bit low

ss Irene’s 8s cd skill gives +28.1% team dmg

Passive 1: Enemies near the bonfire will get burnt, receiving 67% / 74.5% / 81.9% / 96.8% dmg per second, for 5 seconds

low dmg ticks, burns can’t crit.

Passive 2: On hitting targets inflicted with the “burn” debuff, spread the burn debuff to 5 other targets, causing 125.6% / 139.6% / 153.5% / 181.4% per second, for 5 second. Proc cd of 6s


She just wants to see the world on fire doesn’t she.

I’m not quite sure where you’ll ever use her. Maybe you even user the Crime Cleanser grenade launcher with her to set the world on fire. Maybe there’s going to be some event mission stages that need to trigger the burn debuff 500+ times or something.

Waifu: Casual Yui (Psi – Firepower – Shotgun)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Cinnabar Fruit” – Places 8 poisoned apples, which detonates in 5s or on being touched by enemies, dealing 100% dmg and causing poison debuff, dealing 170% / 189% / 208% / 246% per second, for 5s

Another Poison Apple user?

Passive 1: On any team member causing Poison debuff, increase self poison dmg by 15.1% / 16.8% / 18.5% / 21.8%, lasts 5s

effectively increases her 246% poison per second to 300% poison per second, but alas poison can’t crit either.

Passive 2: on Yui defeating a poisoned target, cause the surrounding enemies to take an increased  9.4% / 10.5% / 11.5% / 13.6% +target poison damage, lasts for 5s

takes the 300% poison dmg, now increase it further to 340% poison dmg per second.

Essentially a weaker version of Fairy Tale Juno, that already sees no game time in our current content. Even if we’re going up against Leraje, she’s taking up a support slot, since the damage that she’s doing is fairly irrelevant and would be better filled by other proper Psionic firepower

Waifu card it is.

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