Banner Rating “Non-anomalous Asylum” (Cleaner)

Long-awaited Immune Banner, but overall it’s kinda “meh”. Spend a little to pull for Cleaner Susu if you wish, but I’m personally going to be saving my EC for upcoming banners.


Cleaner Lida: C (since Oath Lida exists)
Cleaner Su Xiaozhen: A (S for content we don’t have, but may get replaced)
Cleaner Moon: C
Cleaner Yuki (event): A

C: Cleaner Lida (Immune – Support – Pistol)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Super MEGA Shot” – aoe 1439.5% dmg

skill only hits once, doesn’t sound very impressive
weaker than Oath Lida’s 2483.5% dmg

Passive 1: On Skill hit, +3% Team crit, up to 4 stacks, for 5s

on 4 stacks it’s 12% crit chance, cannot stack with only 1 target
weaker than Oath Irene’s 20% +team crit, granted oath irene’s on a 24s cd

Passive 2: Skill leaves a burnt aoe that lasts 6s, mobs affected receives +target 15.4%dmg

15.4% dmg is pretty low
Oath Lida gives 21% on skill, onKill gives another 23.3% for total of +44.3% target dmg
Not to mention Oath Lida’s passive 1 also gives +19.5% team dmg

I don’t understand why Cleaner Lida exists. On paper she’s a very good support, but as long as Oath Lida exists there’s no reason to invest anything into her.

A: Cleaner Su Xiaozhen (Immune – Firepower – Assault Rifle)

Active Skill: (24s cd) aoe 2696.5% dmg

2696.5% aoe dmg is pretty decent, long cd is a bit awkward.
comparison to SS Juno’s 4882.9% dmg

Passive 1: on Team Skill use, +23.4% self dmg, no stacks.

easy activation
similar to Misty Yuki’s +23.3% dmg on teammate’s usage

Passive 2: when hitting mobs being influenced by mob gathering skills, +19.2%dmg

if combined with mob gatherers, s1 can do 2695.5% * (1+23.4+19.2%dmg) = 3843.8%, which is quite respectable.
Hobby Shirou and TE Wuxia come to mind.

As an aoe dps unit, her raw power’s quite nice. It’s a bit awkward since her weapon type is Assault Rifle, so if you want to use her in AOE context you’ll have to use Beam Rifle, which isn’t exactly a great rifle to begin with. Would’ve been great if seasun made her a grenade launcher user. Raw number-wise, she’s pretty similar to SS Juno as long as SS juno’s passive 1 (killing mobs) is triggered, but Cleaner Susu might have a higher ceiling based on her teammates due to her passive 1.

In CN, she’s the primary aoe dps for content we don’t have (datadrill – 顽抗 – “translates loosely to “Struggle”), but until we get that content she won’t get placed in S. It’s unlikely for us to need her in effiSpec/effiAnni.

C/Waifu: Cleaner Moon (Immune – Support – Sniper)

Active Skill: (15s cd) Summons 5 crystals surrounding herself, each crystal can do 307.6% dmg

5 * 307.6% = 1538%dmg, pretty much single target

Passive 1: on skill’s crystal hits +9.1% team dmg/stagger for 5s

pretty mediocre buff, and activation requires being near an enemy

Passive 2: +7% team skill crit chance

another mediocre buff, plus it only affects skills and not auto attack

Kinda meh numbers, kinda meh activation. Sniper of all things? I’m tempted to put her into Waifu tier.

A: Cleaner Yuki (Immune – Defense – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill: (15-12s cd) Creates a Barrier around each teammate that blocks 2 hits, lasts 3 seconds.

2 hits, and only lasting 3 seconds is kinda sad
In contrast to swimsuit moon’s HP based shield, which lasts 9s

Passive 1: on Barrier break/timeout, heal 2.7% shield each.

so given 1 skill usage, potentially recover 8.1% shield
contrast to bday susu’s 7-10% shield recovery, depending on your skillups on her

Passive 2: on any teammate getting Hit, 100% chance to create a 2s barrier that blocks 1 hit. Procs once every 20s, per teammate.

extra block chances

Perhaps a unit for those that missed out on SS Moon that came out near launch, if they want to use it in dd-survival. It’s great that she’s a purple unit, so as long as you have purple helms she can be easily maxed.

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