Banner Rating “Lovestory Dawnbreak” (Limited)

It’s the First Anniversary of GCG, and with it comes a Limited Banner! Both units have impressive numbers. Both artwork looks amazing and top-notch, and would look wonderful set as the Main Screen Girl as the background.


Heart Catcher Rococo – S (BiS effiSpec unit)
Catnap Juno – A (very high aoe dps, but has limitations)

S: Heart Catcher Rococo (Erosive – Assault – Sniper)

Active Skill (15s cd): “It had to be you” – Deal aoe stagger damage for 4019 / 4465 / 4912 / 5805

Incredibly high, raw value of stagger damage. Not only is the skill on a short cd, there’s next to no cast time nor delay after casting. She likely will be incredibly in data-drill effiSpec vs elites. Range seems comparable to Oath Lida as well.

UPDATE: Global version has higher numbers than CN. These are CN numbers: 3215 / 3572 / 3929 / 4644

TE Yuki does 4295 stagger damage, Oath Yuki does 3020 stagger dmg

Passive 1: Active skill does an extra 333.6% / 481.8% dmg, if the target is an elite/boss, deal an extra 1076 / 1315 / 1555 stagger dmg

Makes the active skill hit even harder, simple and effective. With both Active and P1 maxed, active skill will do 6680 stagger dmg.

UPDATE: while this passive isn’t changed, the total stagger dmg will now be 7841.8

big dmg stonks

Passive 2: on causing break, deal 683.1% / 759% / 834.9% / 986.7%

This passive seems pretty weak, but some extra damage for effiSpec can be nice I suppose

UPDATE: Global version has higher numbers than CN (by 4x!!!) These are CN numbers: 170.8% / 189.8% / 208.8% / 246.7% dmg.

Oath Yuki on break, sends out 6 “blades” that do 120.5% dmg each

For a total of ~6700 stagger damage, you can’t really use Heart Catcher Rococo for dd effiBoss or output, but 6700 stagger damage is no doubt the highest aoe stagger dmg we have up until now, especially in effiSpec. When combined with a strong mob gatherer like Hobby Shirou, we might see new time records? In fact, with numbers like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if she can be used across multiple elements too! If after testing and she can be, I would be happy to move her from S to SS rank.

Not sure how much she’ll be used in other content like merc.wager or phantom vanguard, but maybe the occasional stage 31 in merc.wager.

Simple and straight forward unit, worth pulling if you’re a meta chaser. Also worth pulling if you’re a Coco Manager on discord. Can someone just make me one of those GCG dolls in the Claw Machine? In fact, give me the whole set 😉

UPDATE: With the new Global numbers, the active skill means she could possibly be used in more than just effiSpec content. And if we weren’t sure she could one-shot a mob’s shield bar, now with the total 7841.8, does she even need skill ups? Her passive 2 damage proc brings her much closer to what Oath Yuki does, so wow. just wow.

A: Catnap Juno (Psi – Firepower – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill: (24s cd): “Noon Duel” – Take aim then rapidly fire, dealing 1647.5% / 1830.6% / 2013.6% / 2379.7%% damage up to 8 targets within range; When there’s less than 8 targets, repeat the damage to one of the targets; repeated damage and stagger damage will be reduced by 80%. (so wordy lol)

vs 8 targets, deal 2379.7% dmg each
vs 4 targets, deal 2379.7% * (1 + 0.20) = 2855.6% dmg each
vs 2 targets, deal 2379.7% * (1 + 0.20 + 0.04 + 0.008) = 2969.8% dmg
vs 1 target, deal 2379.7% * (1 + 0.20 + 0.04 + 0.008 + 0.0016 + 0.00032 + 0.000064 + 0.0000128) = 2974.6% dmg

~2400% dmg is quite respectable for aoe, and ~2855 dmg vs 4 targets is quite high as well

chess eski: 2449.6% dmg, maid wuyou: 1436.6%, up to 6 targets

Passive 1: on each different target hit or killed by active skill, reduce team skill cd by 0.4 / 0.45 / 0.5 / 0.6s, up to 5 reductions

Can reduce skill cd by 2s ~ 3s, for a 24s cd skill it doesn’t seem particularly effective, especially compared to existing weapons that reduce skill cd.

Compared to a Laser Pistol user:
– in 24s (3% to reduce skill cd by 5.5% per hit, 6.18 shots/s) will hit ~148 shots, on average lowering cd ~4-5 times = ~22%~27.5%.
– ~22% to 27.5% reduction for 24s cd skill = 5.3~6.6s | 15s cd skill = 3.3~4.1s
Compared to a Novikov Launcher user:
– on team using active skill, reduce skill cd by 11.3% (can be triggered once every 3s)
– 11.3% reduction for 24s cd skill = ~2.7s | 15s cd skill = ~1.7s

maid wuyou: for each unit killed by active skill, reduce skill cd by 1.8s

Passive 2: increase crit chance by 6% / 6.4% / 6.8% / 7.5%, when attacking targets that are staggered: increase by a further 5%

7.5% vs most things, 12.5% vs staggered mobs, decent numbers

maid wuyou: 10.2%

Cohabitation Juno comes into the aoe dps at an interesting spot. She doesn’t have the same large aoe capabilities that is Innocent Day Juno / Girls Star Eskistere, that can be used in merc.wager/phantom vanguard, or more important, effiAnni vs mobs. Even if we only consider psi aoe dps, both chess eksi and oath juno would be preferred in effiAnni. Juno’s ideal use case is vs 8 or 4-5 mobs, but we don’t really have content that has that particular situation at the moment beyond effiSpec.

Her raw damage in both the 8 target, and 4 target cases is clearly the highest for aoe dps, but where is this going to be useful? It’s very clear she’s better than Maid Wuyou, but when’s the last time where Maid Wuyou was considered for dd content? Do we need psi aoe dps in effi spec?

24s cd skill cd, 8 target limit, average passives, perhaps she fits somewhere in A. Maybe if her skill cd was shorter, or if she was a pistol user, there’s more room for consideration. That said, her card art has been distracting me the entire time I’ve been writing this banner review, I’m sure she’ll be a lovely addition to all manager’s home screens. Plus, have you SEEEEEEEN the character model? whew~~

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