Banner Rating “I Like It!” (Fast Food)

What kind of Fast Food would you like Manager? Personally I would love for Fast Food Moon to serve me some tasty chicken & beer! Jokes aside, here comes a meta-breaking banner with two very strong contenders to previously limited dresses! You want cute? You want sexy? This banner has it all.


Fast Food Moon: S (Replaces Xmas Su Xiaozhen)
Fast Food Wuxia: S (very similar to Gingko Grainne)
Fast Food Wuyou: A (Replaces Fairy Tale Rococo)
Fast Food Juno: A (slight stepdown from Swimsuit Moon)

S: Fast Food Moon (Psionic – Firepower – Assault Rifle)

Active Skill (24s cd): “Bottoms Up” – single target 2333.5% / 2592.8% / 2852.1% / 3370%dmg

single target, 3370% dmg doesn’t sound super amazing, but her passive helps increase this further as well

Holiday Wuyou’s active skill as comparison: 4108%

Passive 1: Auto-attacks on a target in BREAK status deal an additional 20% / 22.2% /24.5% / 29%dmg

CN GCG wiki did help clarify the effect of this passive vs its original translation
Given a 5s BREAK duration and (8.00 hit/s * 116% = 9.28 hit/s), that’s 5s * 29%dmg/hit * 9.28hit/s = ~1345%dmg

not considering other sources that may increase this dmg (cc/aspd), ~1345dmg is quite respectable

Passive 2: On any teammate causing BREAK, increase Active Skill dmg by 32% / 39% / 46% / 60% for 5s

3370% * 1.60 = 5392% dmg

Timing the Active Skill to only cast when the boss is in BREAK may take a little time to get used to, and potentially affect the amount of total autoattacks that can be fit in.

Overall 5392%dmg + ~1345%dmg = ~6737%dmg is amazing. When also considering her auto attack damage over the course of the 5s BREAK duration: (41.00% * 120.00 = 49.20% dmg/hit), that’s 5s* 49.20% dmg/hit * 9.28hit/s = ~2282%dmg,
This brings her total damage output is closer to ~6737% (skill) + 2282% (aa) + 1345% (p1)= ~10,364%dmg in the most ideal situation.
Very impressive! This will most likely put her as someone to replace Christmas Su Xiaozhen, especially when xmas susu’s 30hit passive can be a little harder to line up with boss break timings as well. (usually takes 6s to trigger, 5s uptime)

Currently, we’ll be using her for Hunter (the big mecha Spider Boss) and Soshi. Destroyed Colossus hasn’t been featured as an dd output boss yet, and we often use Oath Juno for that. Leraje is also not yet released for us as well.

Still, her raw capabilities cannot be ignored, and there’s just something about the art that makes her irresistible.

S: Fast Food Wuxia (Psionic – Assault – Shotgun)

Active Skill (24s cd): “Cleaning Fairy” – st 500%dmg + 6500 / 7250 / 8000 / 9500 stagger dmg

Big numbers to suit her big personalities? cast time is fairly quick, but the fairy(broom) has a bit of a travel time. However, this can be mitigated by casting right next to your target

Even without considering her passives, Fast Food Wuxia already makes Defiler Shirou and Chess Nellie’s total stagger dmg when considering all their passives a joke, at 9871 stagger dmg and 8145 stagger dmg. This puts Fast Food Wuxia in the territory of Gingko Grainne.

Passive 1: On Skill cast, if it hits target within 2s, deal an additional 2500 / 2750 / 3000 / 3500 stagger dmg

As if 9500 stagger dmg wasn’t enough, here’s a freebie 3500 stagger dmg to make her competitive with Gingko Grainne.
Yes, the skill has a slow travel time, but as a shotgun user you’ll likely be very close to the target to begin with.

Gingko Grainne with the purple Gauss Rifle, based on my own calculations, does ~13500 stagger dmg with her skill alone. Her passive also benefits her aa as well. See here if interested.
Fast Food Wuxia would do (500+9500+3500), matching that value of 13500

In terms of raw value, Gingko Grainne can push her stagger dmg bonus a little further using the purple Gauss Rifle, but FF wuxia’s ability can hit instantly

Passive 2: If Fast Food Wuxia causes BREAK, increase team skill dmg by 8.9% / 9.9% / 10.8% / 12.8% for 5s, 10s proc cd

12.8% extra skill damage is great, as a counterpart to Gingko Grainne’s which increases aa dmg by 7.3% for 5s.

Sounds like an insane pairing with Fast Food Moon as well

Well, looks like a new dd effiBoss contender has arrived in town. The raw numbers indicates she could very much topple Gingko Grainne as the universal dd effiBoss Queen, but it’s very close, and in actual usage the difference would be in the sub second range. If you already have a fully awakened Gingko Grainne, you could consider not investing anything into Fast Food Wuxia. However, if you missed out on Gingko Grainne last time, then Fast Food Wuxia is very much worth pulling for! In terms of the tier list, it does mean she pulls Gingko Grainne down from SS tier,

I recognize my calculations are a little different to CN’s assessment, so do take what I say with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, Fast Food Wuxia has amazing value, plus, you just can’t help but give her a hand and pick her up, right? 😉

A: Fast Food Wuyou (Psionic – Medic – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Calculating Manager” – +team movement speed by 11.7% / 13% / 16.9%, recover 1.5% / 2.2% max HP value over 5s

Heals 11.0% * 3 team members = 33.0% max HP value over 5s, movement speed is a nice little bonus and is consistent with many of her other dresses

Passive 1: On team HP recovery, recover 4.2% / 4.7% / 5.1% / 6.1% max Shield value, 15s proc cd

Acts as an additional effect for her Active Skill. The 15s proc cd prevents stacking this from other potential healing sources.

Passive 2: On team’s Shield breaking, instantly recover 10% / 12% / 14% / 18% shield, 30s proc cd

Not bad, not great. In survival your goal is to maintain max shield%. In merc.wager having your shield go that low may risk proc’ing debuff effects such as those that cause mobs to heal when hitting HP% directly.

Number’s aren’t super amazing, but having the ability to heal both HP and Shield is a nice alternative. Being a 3* purple card means she’s a bit easier to max awaken compared to units like Birthday Moon and Birthday Su Xiaozhen, albeit her performance still doesn’t quite match up to theirs, so both Bday cards will stay at S

Not much else to say, shoves Fairy Tale Rococo down to B, placing herself at A. Certain Wuyou fanatics on GCGO discord would definitely showcase her cuteness.

A: Fast Food Juno (Psionic – Defense – Pistol)

Active Skill (20/19/18/17s cd): “Tablewear Star” – Removes all enemy projectiles in an area

Similar to Chess Grainne, but the duration is a little shorter and does not last the full duration of the touhou bullet hell in dd survival

Passive 1: On Skill use, create a HP based barrier on each teammate that lasts for 5s.
Scales off Juno’s max HP by 10% / 11.2% / 12.2% / 14.4%

14.4% is the same value as Swimsuit Moon, albeit ss moon’s barrier lasts for 9s

Passive 2: When passive 2’s effect ends (duration or broken), freeze nearby enemies for 2.1 / 2.35 / 2.55 / 3 seconds

A little extra cc is great, but the range isn’t great and doesn’t send out little bubbles like ss moon.

A nice alternative to SS moon/Cleaner Yuki, but her active skill doesn’t quite match up to Tactical Equipment Rococo and Swimsuit Nie Shirou’s team invulnerability, and cannot replace those. Still, a nice freebie units for new players trying to attain higher scores in our current generation of datadrill survival!

Btw, does it look like Juno’s trying to feed us that piece of steak, or did she just steal it from our plate!?

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Source: Girl Cafe Gun Wiki
Non in-game contents licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International.


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