Banner Rating “Company in this Mortal World” (Limited)

It’s only been 2 banners since Yui was introduced and we already see a limited banner for her!


City Lights Yui – S
Dusk Racer Moon – C (future S?)

S: City Lights Yui (Psionic – Support – Shotgun)
华灯·唯 – City Lights Yui

Active Skill (5s cd): “City Hunter” – Deal small aoe for 300% dmg

Shortest skill cd in-game thus far. The actual damage could probably be ignored, since it’s her passives that make her unique, but if you are using the shotgun Call of Victory (CoV), you can reduce her skill cd (lv70 – 2.6s, lv80 – 3.0s).

In 15s, without CoV – 3x 300% = 900% dmg
with lv70 CoV – 6x 300% = 1800% dmg
with lvl80 CoV – 7x 300% = 2100% dmg

Passive 1: After 5 seconds enter a “standby” state. On the next cast of “City Hunter”, remove “standby” state and reduce teammates cd by 2s.

This internal cd can not be reduced by using the shotgun Call of Victory.

Not counting skill activations, if we compare Yui’s passive to Laser Pistol, overthe course of 90s of data-drill
Yui has a potential to reduce a total team cd of 18 times, thus a potential cd reduction of 36s.
Level 70 laser pistol (3% chance, skill cd reduction of 5.5%), at a firerate of 6.18/s, over 90s (556 hits – 16.68 proc chances – 91.74% skill cd reduction):
– 15s cd team – potential cd reduction of 13.7s
– 30s cd team – potential cd reduction of 27.5s
Level 80 laser pistol (3.5% chance, 556 hits – 19.46 proc chances – 107.03% skill cd reduction)
– 15s cd team – potential cd reduction of 16.1s
– 30s cd team – potential cd reduction of 32.1s
If there’s 2 laser pistol users, just multiple those bolded times by two.

When strictly considering CD and nothing else, Yui has the potential to reduce significantly more cd than a single laser pistol user, and matches the avg of 2 laser pistol users.

Passive 2: on teammate’s active skillcast (not including Yui), increase team’s crit rate by 16% for 5s

Not bad! Granted most other units whose skills activate like this, it’s from their main skill activation. There’s also no indicated internal cd for this passive, so one could assume the crit rate increase can be stacked by using 2 teammates’ skills at the same time, bringing it up to 32% crit rate?
What about other sources of crit rate increase, like the girls listed below? How would the crit rate stack?

Snowball Aniya – 12% crit rate for 10s
Officer Lida – 21.5% crit rate for 10s
1* Official Dress Nellie – 23.8% crit rate for 5s
Oath Irene – 20% crit rate for 5s

In terms of current in-game content, she’ll most likely replace Maid Grainne in dd effi-Anni, sine she can also buff the team’s damage with her crit%.
She’s unlikely to be used for datadrill effi – boss, as well as output, since she can’t replace the amount of utility that units like aw.moon and oath.irene can provide in those situations.
There will be a future datadrill (泛滥) where she’ll help immensely as well.

She’ll also do well in other content such as merc.wager and phantom vanguard, where we start off the stage without skills and have to build up cd.

CN does rate her highly, and I do see some potential future usage of her, but for now I’ll rate her as “S”, with a potential SS if she ends up being as good they claim to be as a filler support to reduce team cd.
The meme build of using Call of Victory sounds fun, but there’s no actual usage for it at the moment.

Support stat-stick of 365 atk, nothing too fancy.

Really, with this card art, with her pose, with this little foxy vixen really makes you wonder doesn’t she. Could you really NOT pull on a limited banner?
Did I mentioned in the global, uncensored version, her shirt reveals a little *more*?

Here’s the CN version for reference:

C: Dusk Racer Moon (Mechanical – Assault – Assault Rifle)
夕驰·沐恩 – Dusk Racer Moon

Active Skill: (15s cd): “Scarlet Rev” – Rev up, increasing Moon’s basic attack speed by 100% for 3s and reduce “Full Acceleration” (passive 1) cd by 0.4s

no cast-time, go pewpewpew for 3s

For stagger, if using Water of Destiny (WoD) – each hit has 5% chance of spawning a waterball that does (lv70 – 39% dmg and 129 stagger dmg, lv80 – 45% dmg and 149 stagger dmg), with the skill active, in 3s, Moon could spawn (3s * 18.56 hit/s * 5% spawn) = 2.78 water balls = 414.8 stagger dmg
including the regular 41 stagger dmg from WoD (3s * 18.56 hit/s * 41 stagger dmg) = 2282.9 stagger dmg.

When including dmg% (since dmg% also counts towards stagger), it brings it up to a total of
(WoD: [125% dmg + 414.8 stagger dmg] + basic atk: [2282.9 dmg% + 2282.9 stagger dmg])
= 5105.6 stagger dmg
Over 3 seconds, for a single target, this is pretty insignificant, especially compared to Assault queens like Fast Food Wuxia and Gingko Grainne that can do 15k stagger dmg with just their skills.

So what if we don’t consider her an assault unit?
If combined with the new Assault Rifle “Phantasm” (P), could Dusk Racer Moon really go pew pew? How does it compare to the existing purple 3* Beam Rifle (BR)?

41% dmg, 6% crit, 4.00 attack speed (/s), 33.04 stagger dmg
(typical rifles have 8.00 attack speed and 41 stagger dmg)
Fire a laser beam that can hit up to 4 targets, each time the user attacks, increase self aspd by 2.5%, for 1s (lv70 – 30 stacks – 75%, lv80 – 40 stacks – 100%)

Compared to Beam Rifle (3* purple)
43.6% dmg, 6% crit, 5.00 attack speed, 43.6 stagger dmg
Fire a laser beam that can hit up to 4 targets, after firing for 5s, +self dmg by (lv70 21.7%, lv80 25%), lasts for 3s, no internal cd

Without Active:
– P – single target dmg = 41% * 9.28aspd = 380dmg%/s
– BR – single target dmg = 43.6% * 5aspd * 1.25 = 272dmg%/s

With Active:
– P – single target dmg = 41% * 13.92aspd = 571%dmg/s
– BR – single target dmg = 43.6% * 11.6aspd * 1.25 = 632dmg%/s

Over 15s:
– P – 3 * 571% dmg/s + 12 * 380dmg%/s = 5707.2% dmg
– BR – 3 * 632% dmg/s + 12 * 272dmg%/s = 5166.6% dmg

These numbers, of course, can be used vs up to 4 targets if grouped together.

Passive 1: on each target hit by her basic attack, there’s a 10% chance to deal aoe dmg of 81.5% 4 times, 1s proc limit

Further enforces that she’s not really an assault unit, but an aoe dps unit.

Passive 2: increase self stagger dmg by 25.5%

But then this passive says she is still an assault unit?

Dusk Racer Moon (dr.moon) is similar to a whole bunch of assault units that actually do dmg% instead, only issue is, she has no actual use in our current meta.

Like Yukata Rococo/Yukata Irene, she was built for two datadrill that we don’t have yet. ( 攻坚 and 顽抗, if managers want to look them up). I’ve even seen videos of people using her for future dd-survival-EX. We’re seeing some work by devs in the GCG official discord that the newer versions of datadrill are on the way, so perhaps it’s time to get prepared?

For now: C – This really feels unfair, but there really is no place to use her in our current game.
Future: S – Best of her class, of her element, in those newer datadrills.

Support Stat-Stick – 371 atk – meh?

Card art though, who wouldn’t want to go on a nice ride with Dusk Racer Moon with that gorgeous background. 😉

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