Banner Rating “Piecing Together Dawn” (Halloween)

It’s Halloween season, and we’ve got spoooooky girls joining the fray!

We’re getting a pretty amazing unit in Halloween Yuki, and an awesome medic (that’s free!) in Halloween Wuxia. Their dresses are alluring and their abilities are amazing! So managers, do you want to get Tricked, or do you want some of their Treats? 😉


S: Halloween Yuki – head-to-head bio dps competitor to Misty Yuki
C: Halloween Su Xiaozhen – wishes her numbers were bigger
Waifu: Halloween Lida – meh
S: Halloween Wuxia – free medic card!

S: Halloween Yuki (Bio – Firepower – Assault Rifle)

Active Skill (8s cd): “Transcendental” – 2390% dmg, targets highest hp, ~1s cast time

“Transcendental” lasts infinitely on the target, so cast the skill asap, take advantage of the short 8s cooldown, and build up damage using the this Assault Rifle that came out a few months ago:

“Red Ember” – When your Skill is “ready”, each second, increase your self dmg by 1.9% dmg, up to 10 stacks. Stacks clear after casting skill.

Officer Irene – 2587.6% dmg, but no stagger requirement
Misty Yuki – ~7200%dmg, but she has a 30s cd, so would require a different team comp.

Passive 1: Enemy cursed by “Transcendental” will take 8% increased dmg. Effect lasts for 5s after talisman has been removed

+8% target dmg isn’t massive, but this is the first offering of it within the Bio attribute. The effect should also have a fairly high up-time compared to others as well.

xmas susu has +27.9% target dmg for 5s
aw.moon passive has +10.5 target dmg, active skill adds another 36.5% for 5s

Passive 2: +self dmg vs staggered dmg by 56.3%

Amazing passive for any firepower. This skill is identical to Officer Irene’s.

Strictly speaking, she outclasses both Maple Irene and Officer Irene as Bio DPS.
With her low skill cd, she pairs wonderfully with Oath Moon (15s cd assault) and Officer Lida (15s cd support) to aim for many breaks in dd-output.

In comparison to Misty Yuki, without testing it’s hard to say which one is definitely better than the other, as each of their ideal team compositions would be different as well. Misty Yuki definitely has a higher skill ceiling in terms of difficulty, so perhaps for most managers, having a firepower like Halloween Yuki that’s more straightforward, less fussy, will help them achieve higher scores most of the time. Halloween Yuki’s pretty standalone and not too dependent on too many criteria aside from needing to use her skill on a staggered target.

383 atk support card btw.

Card art: so… who’s got Yuki in such a bind?

C: Halloween Su Xiaozhen (Psionic – Support – Grenade Launcher)

Active Skill (20s cd): “Lycan Darling” – +15% team spd, +21% crit rate, for 6s

Simple support skill, not the best, not the worst

1* Official Dress Nellie – +23.8% crit, 5s
Chess Wuyou – +25% crit, 3s
Officer Lida – +21.5% crit, 10s (within aoe cast range)
Snowball Aniya – +12% crit, 10s (withing aoe range, but large aoe)

Passive 1: +13.6% team dmg to enemies within 4m

not… great? not bad?

Passive 2: +20% team stagger dmg when enemy stagger bar is greater than 70%

This passive feels pretty useless, not sure if we have any content that requires this.

I can’t really see too much scenarios where you’ll want to use Halloween Susu, especially when she’ll require gold helm investments for her to do well, or even complete with other supports out there.

Within Psionic, you might even prefer to use 1* Official Dress Nellie and Chess Wuyou, since they only require purple helm, or easy duplicate investments. Also, if you use Halloween susu, you won’t be able to use Xmas Susu, which also brings +target dmg capabilities, activated via skill, rather than via a passive.

On paper, she seems to offer a lot, but due to the low numbers or limited usable scenarios, I would place her in C, borderline Waifu tier for me. If only her numbers were as big as her appetite.

Card art: rawrrrrr ;3

Waifu: Halloween Lida (Erosive – Firepower – Assault Rifle)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Immorotal Flame” – aoe dmg in front of user, dealing 172.6% dmg for 0.1s, total of 10 times

1726% aoe dmg isn’t anything too amazing

ss nellie: 5x 438.3% dmg missile = 2191% dmg
gs eksi: 1727.5% dmg, large aoe
loli juno: 1919%dmg, large aoe

Passive 1: On teammate picking up coins or goodies, deal 58.3% aoe dmg in front of that teammate, 1s proc cd

um… not great.
Only usable in story mode, bounty hunts…
Not usable in datadrills, merc.wager, phantom vanguard

Passive 2: When Lida picks up coins or goodies, decrease self cd by 0.5s, 1s proc cd

also not great.
see passive 1

um……. I’m not sure why we need this card at this point of the game.

Card art: why is there that cheap lens flare effect….

S: Halloween Wuxia (Mech – Medic – Sniper)

Active Skill (15s cd): “Wuyou Medicine” – Heals lowest hp member by 9.2% HP, heals team shield by 18% shield value

very high numbers!

bday moon: 20% hp, 10%shield, 8s cd
bday susu: 23.1% shield, 15s cd (passive restores 1.6% hp, every 5s

Passive 1: On casting “Wuyou’s Potion”, deal 90.7%aoe dmg near the targeted team member, lasts 5s

453.5% burn type dmg is nothing to scoff at, but remember burn dmg does not benefit from weapon parts mods

Passive 2: On casting “Wuyou’s Potion”, deal 115.9% dmg and cause freeze, near the targeted team member, lasts 3s

3s cc helps improve team survivability too.

At last, mechnical gets a medic that heals both shield and HP as well.

For those managers that have not invested in Bday Susu and Bday Moon as their Medics, see table below for a quick comparison some of our medics that can restore both HP and Shield.

Typically, our use for a Medic in our current state of game is to have someone that can restore a good amount of shield%, as well as some amount of HP. They’re most important in content such as Mercenary Wager, as well as dd-survival. Thus, Halloween Wuxia having a high 18% shield restore, that’s competitive with unawakened bd susu’s shield restore amount, fits her nicely as an S tier medic, with added benefits of a little dmg and cc as well. Just be careful of any potential elemental weaknesses!

Card art: Dat dress! HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG me likey likey.

Skill: HP heal%Skill: Shield heal%Passive: HP heal%Total: HP & Shield heal% every 15s
max* halloween wuxia (15s cd)9.2% (single target)18%9.2% HP (st), 18% shield
max* fast food wuyou (15s cd)
2.2%/s (team), 5s6.1%on shield break, restore 18%, 30s proc cd11% HP (team), 6.1% shield
max* fairy tale rococo (15s cd)
1%/s (st), 8s1.8%/s, 8s8% HP (st), 14.4% shield
max* birthday su xiaozhen(15s cd)
23.1%1.6%/s (st)24% HP (st), 23.1% shield
max* birthday moon (8s cd)
20% (team)10%40% HP (team), 20% shield
no* bd.susu16%1.1%/s (st)16.5% HP (st), 16% shield
no* bd.moon12% (team)6%24% HP (team), 12% shield

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