Decorating your Café

Your cafe is fully customisable with a wide range of furniture to choose from. Decorating your Cafe allows you to add more seats for customers, beautify your shop as well as two of your bedrooms, and present the best of your Cafe to all your friends.

By keep on decorating your Cafe, you may increase your Shop’s Comfort value by purchasing more furniture. Increased Comfort value can bring you additional Crystalas by up to 90% and accelerating mood recovering by up to 8 points/h.

Types of Decorations

  • Furniture: These items can be placed at your will at Shop and Bedrooms.
    • Seats: Can only be placed at your Shop (not Bedrooms), these seats are the only places your customers can enjoy their coffee.
    • Small: These items can be placed at all three locations. They usually take up little space and more can be placed at each place.
    • Large: These items can be placed at all three locations. They usually take up more spaces than ‘Small’ and less can be placed at each place.
    • Carpet: Carpet can be placed on the ground at all three places, and ‘Large’ and ‘Small’ items can also be placed upon it.
    • Wall Decor(ation): These items can be placed on the wall. Please note they cannot be placed if these items take up spaces used by other items.
  • Decorate: These items can change the style of your spaces, and one of the same kind can be applied at the same time.
    • Bar: Styles for your counter at your coffee shop. (Shop only)
    • Floor: Your floor decoration, have variants for all three places.
    • Wall: Decide how your walls would look like if it is not covered by items. Have variants for all three places.
    • Gate: Change the appearance of your gates, have variants for all three places.
    • Window: Customise your windows at shops and two bedrooms.
    • Lighting: Modify how your cafe would be lightened, making it looks at night or dawn.
  • Backyard Decoration: Change how your backyard would look like and training subjects as well as earnings.

Get Additional Decorations

Your account comes with only the most basic decorations at the beginning, and everything you got would be placed at rooms before your first arrival at the Cafe, so you need to buy additional ones for your settings. This includes all types of decorations.

To access Furniture Store, click on ‘Furniture Store’ on Cafe screen or ‘Store’ at decoration page.

Furniture Store
Furniture Info Page

In order to find decorations you need, click on the type of decorations you need and then use filters available on the top right. You may search, change ascend/descend (‘Ascending’ Botton at the beginning) and change themes and sorting attribute (‘Price’ Button at the beginning).

After you have located your ideal decoration, click on this item to see its information, and buy them one by one or in massive quantities.

Apply Decorations (Non-Backyard)

First, please switch to the location you like to customise, and then click on the ‘Decor’ option located on the button right to enter the customisation panel.

Customisation Page

There are two panels, one is located at the top right and constitutes of five bottoms. These bottoms are:

  • Info: See your current comfort value, how it is calculated and the bonus it would bring.
  • Recycle: Remove all furniture currently placed and set all decorations to default.
  • Reset: Discard all modifications you have made and not saved.
  • Confirm: Quit this page and save all changes.
  • Cancel: Quit this page and discard all changes.

At the button of this interface, you can see many options. At top you can see ‘Store’ where you can buy new decorations and ‘Storage’ within which you can manage all items you have bought and choose to dismantle some for Coffee Coins. On the right of the two you can see Sort (‘Descending’ by default) function to sort items by rarity and a Filter (‘All’ by default) function to see items those of a specific theme.

For loadouts, you can use RoSE Presets to decorate your cafe in seconds (you have an option to buy those not in your inventory) or choose to load and save your custom layouts.

At ‘Furniture’, you can drag items directly to the room and place them by dragging. ‘Rotate’ can rotate current item by 90 degrees, while ‘Recycle’ can put this item back to your storage. After you have decided its position, click on ‘Confirm’ to save this setting (not directly saved to the cafe). Following operation can also be used on furniture already placed in the room.

Changing Places for a Furniture.

Use ‘Decorate’ section to change Bar (Shop only) Floor, Wall, Gate, Window and Lighting.

Remember to click on ‘Confirm’ to save changes!

Apply Decorations (Backyard)

First, please switch to the location to backyard, and then click on the ‘Backyard Decor’ option located on the button right to enter the ‘Backyard Exterior Selection’ panel.

Backyard Exterior Selection Panel

On this panel, you can see training rewards (calculated based upon maximum value of all backyard decorations) shown on the top of this panel, and below is all the exteriors (backyard styles) you have obtained. After selected your choice, click ‘Confirm’ to apply. You will be asked if you would like to change background music for cafe, but please note this will cause disrupt continuity of BGM if default music is the same with that set for main screen.

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