Shi Wuyou
My sister’s happiness is everything to me!
Character Voice: Sakura Ayane (佐倉 綾音)

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Shi Wuyou (时无忧) is a newbie in the Squad 08. She has been enormously proud to be referred as ‘sister of Shi Wuxia’. However, Wuxia was quite annoyed of her secret signup for Battle Processors.

Wuyou is a hopeless sis-con to an extent that she may always be found within 20 metres range of Wuxia. Her motive of joining the Squad 08 was to follow her sister’s step.

Unlike her sister, Shi Wuxia, Wuyou is a gentle and outgoing person who knows how to effectively manage her relationships with others. As a born socializer, she keeps a close distance with everyone in the Cafe.

She has been very keen on music, and it has been her dream to learn music-related skills. Currently, she is a student of Nola Moon, who was the music teacher of Rococo.

Regarding tactics, Wuyou is not exceptionally good at strength and hence she takes up logistics or supporting role and her O.T.E. was designed to be specialised in electronic warfare. This lacking in strength also made her a constant target for Cornelia’s special training.

Age: 15
Identity: Newbie of BP Squad 08
Birthday: 2 December
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 159cm (5.21 ft)
Weight: 47kg (103.6 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Measurements: 82-58-86
Cup: B
Favourite Present 1: Bluetooth Earpiece
Favourite Present 2: Polaroid
Love/Hate Food: Fried Chicken/Preserved Egg
Hobbies: Observing her sister; Observing her sister secretly
Good At: Doing chores
Poor At: Lying to her sister.
Pet Phrase: I will protect my sister!
Dream: Making her sister the happiest person in the world.
Secret: Motion Sickness
Alternative Names: ジムユウ(Japanese), 时无忧(Chinese)

Other Information (Spoiler Alert!)

  • She secretly joined Squad 08 after her sister, Shi Wuxia, who was quite disappointed by her decision.
  • The younger one of the Shi sisters, except for being a perverted sis-con, has almost no flaws (huh?). Can a perverted sister-complex be considered a flaw? Maybe the Shi sisters has no flaws except for having a pervert sis-con.
  • She has the ability to master skills quickly and is an all-around genius who can learn anything as soon as she can.
  • Whenever she has the chance, she sticks to her sister and carries a camera with her to take pictures of her in various poses, and usually follows her around when she has nothing else to do (thus, the [The Third Law of the Shi Sisters] was born).
  • When she was a child, she dreamed of marrying her sister, and can’t rule out the possibility that she still have such thoughts.
  • Possessing the ultimate motion sickness, and may only be an infantry for the rest of her life.

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