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Character Voice: Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)

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Rococo (洛可可) is the only child of the Ro Family (the same ‘Ro’ as in R.o.S.E.) and is the ‘Princess’ of the Princess Island. Although she is superior to the Manager, she often serves as an active member of the Squad 08 and is more than willing to take the lead.

Rococo has a strong preference for sweets and have little resistance to it. Considering the risks this habit may bring about to her oral health and her avoiding those ‘horrible’ visits to dental clinics, she has been consciously limiting her intake of sugar but would fail for most of the time.

Although she seems to be arrogant and unreasonable on the surface, Rococo is actually a passionate, kind, hard-working and very responsible girl that would often place others before herself. This character, together with her position at R.o.S.E., often places her into an awkward situation and makes her look insincere.

Rococo is also the primary character of the predecessor of GCG, Girl Cafe Gun (OG).

Age: 17
Identity: The only daughter from a wealthy family
Birthday: 14 June
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 159cm (5.35 ft)
Weight: 46kg (103.6 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Measurements: 80-58-85
Cup: A
Favourite Present 1: Honey Milk
Favourite Present 2: Swiss Roll
Love/Hate Food: Dessert/Mustard
Hobbies: Afternoon Tea; Listening to Italian opera
Good At: Lecturing her subordinates
Poor At: Expressing feelings straightforwardly
Pet Phrase: The Manager is an idiot!
Dream: Becoming the Queen of Arms
Secret: Afraid of dentists. Tries very hard to control the amount of dessert she eats.
Alternative Names: ロココ(Japanese), 洛可可(Chinese)

Other Information (Spoiler Alert!)

  • Grown up amid expectations and pressure, but the textbook-like behaviour when angry and shy remains the same.
  • She is an arrogant young lady whose personality has become increasingly awkward due to the painful memories of her past, and a reasonable leader who is constantly bullied by Juno.
  • Because of the ‘nearly-loss’ of her brother, she cares the safety of the people around her most, and sometimes is even being overprotective – especially when it is her brother (the Manager).
  • She is continually active with people she likes, but is extremely bad at expressing her affection.
  • Because of her awkward personality, often her being uncandid will transform into anger-like behaviour, and she often cries when she is not blunt.
  • She does not like to talk about her breasts with people. Although she has grown older and her body has grown, her breast has not changed at all (meaning that it has actually shrunk).
  • Her strong preference of sweets comes from her childhood, where she was fed by her with tons of sweets (shouldn’t she grow breasts by eating sweets?).
  • She is most likely to be molested by the manager among all the girls in the café.
  • Her exclusive O.T.E. [Golden Sun] is equipped with many experimental front-end technologies and is the O.T.E. with the highest overall performance.