Nola Moon
This heart of mine, is yours now.
Character Voice: Iguchi Yuka (井口 裕香)

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Nola Moon is a consultant of Battle Processer Squad 08. Although she is one of the Archdemons, powerful ones of the high-order species, Moon has been always a powerful soldier at battlefield and a trustworthy comrade.

Talented and experienced in piano and music, Nola was once Rococo’s piano teacher before ‘the Outbreak’ and has been an acquaintance of Rococo and those at the old Squad 08. Also, because of this experience, Moon would pay extra attention to Rococo and provide assistance where she believes necessary.

Born in the Otherworld, Moon is unfamiliar with the rules and workings of the Earth and makes her seems to be cute at times. Just like any other high-order species, Moon can utilise Ionus and unleash its powers at her will.

However, being an Archdemon, Moon is extremely bloodthirsty and may preform anatomisation on every living thing she is curious about but unaware of the inner workings.

Age: 26
Identity: A natural airhead piano tutor going mental at times.
Birthday: 10 October
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Hungarian
Height: 168cm (5.51 ft)
Weight: 51kg (112.4 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Measurements: 90-61-89
Cup: E
Favourite Present 1: Anatomy Book
Favourite Present 2: Famous Vinyl Record
Love/Hate Food: Black Coffee/Garlic
Hobbies: Playing the piano; Composing
Good At: Music
Poor At: Taking pictures of someone
Pet Phrase: Let’s be together forever!
Dream: None
Secret: Often unable to buy suitable underwear
Alternative Names: ノーラ·ムーン(Japanese), 诺拉·沐恩(Chinese)

*Note: Hungarians have their surname (family name) written before their given name, so Nola Moon’s name is Moon while her given name is Nola.