Lida Romero
Savin’ the world? Hah sure, just don’t forget the pay!
Character Voice: Ueda Kana (上田 佳奈)

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Lida Romero is a newbie of Battle Processor Squad 08, and joined along with Wuyou. Lida’s bold and clear-cut character makes her being close friends with Juno and Xiaozhen.

She is a natural survivor and her previous experience in the slums makes her particularly satisfied with her current conditions. Also, due to her past, Lida would make use of every minute earning money and is willing to buy discounted goods whenever possible.

Lida would sometimes take testing jobs of experimental equipment for the generous pay the researchers offer, which is sometimes condemned by the Manager as this is a violation and at times Lida would get injured in these tests.

Before arriving at Squad 08, Lida was hospitalized due to the Bloody Summer incident. During her treatment, she became acquainted with Grainne and actively strived for an opportunity of living for Grainne during the Hell Sky operation.

Age: 17
Identity: Newbie of BP Squad 08.
Birthday: 30 July
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Mexican
Height: 170cm (5.58 ft)
Weight: 54kg (119.0 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Measurements: 86-62-87
Cup: D
Favourite Present 1: Cactus Pot
Favourite Present 2: Supermarket Coupon
Love/Hate Food: Millet Pepper/None
Hobbies: Sleeping-in; Purchasing discount food
Good At: Sports
Poor At: Acting cute
Pet Phrase: Be sure to let me handle the money-making tasks!
Dream: Opening a restaurant
Secret: Worked in men’s wear, thus owing a debt of love to many admirers.
Alternative Names: リタ·ロメロ(Japanese), 丽达·罗梅罗(Chinese)