Kaanal Scott
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Character Voice: Yūki Aoi (悠木 碧)


Kaanal Scot (卡萝·斯科特) is a Lieutenant Staff Officer (1st Lt Equivalent) of the Third Regiment of Allied Army and was dispatched by General Nie to serve under the Manager’s command.

Kyaro is a high-order specie, but is a strong one among them since she was a strong candidate of becoming an Archdemon but unfortunately failed along the way. After her arrival to the Earth, she was sealed into ice in the Antarctic, later discovered by General Nie and became one of the most important asset of hers. This experience made her extremely sensitive to cold.

Kyaro possess unbelievably good luck – almost everything luck-based things will yield the wanted result as Kyaro wants. She also has extreme curiosity, which lead to her disassembling everything she is curious about but unable to put them back into a working piece.

Age: 13 (By document)
Identity: Allied Army Third Regiment Lieutenant Staff Officer
Birthday: 25 May
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Antarctic
Height: 145cm (4.76 ft)
Weight: 34kg (75.0 lbs)
Measurements: Unknown
Cup: B
Favourite Present 1: Buttered Cat Lottery
Favourite Present 2: Durable Warm Paste
Love/Hate Food: Hot Pot/Ice-cream
Hobbies: Reading encyclopaedias in a warm and comfy place; Playing quiz games
Good At: Luck-based things
Poor At: Going to cold places
Pet Phrase: How lucky!
Dream: Discovering about everything in the universe
Secret: high-order species who failed to evolve into an Archdemon