Juno Emmons
I’ll wait even a week for the lethal shot.
Character Voice: Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)

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Juno Emmons is a world-class sniper and a specialist in weapons who founded JUDAS, a weaponry modification workshop. Her joining of Squad 08 after the dismissal of JUDAS ended the sniper shortage of Squad 08.

Juno is dominating in character and charming in appearance, which makes her exceedingly popular among people and rich in human resources. However, her high EQ was utilized by her to gain pleasure by seeing through people’s minds and control them accordingly.

In cafe, Juno often appears to be a beauty lying in the sofa playing with cats or an alcoholic mature girl drinking seemingly unlimited amount of liqueur.

Being referred as ‘Senior’ by Rococo, Juno finds it interesting teasing her while intentionally looking after her like her younger sister.

Although being an excellent sniper, Juno has some difficulty when it comes to first-person shooting and can be defeated by almost everyone else in the Cafe.

Age: 19
Identity: An arrogant and dominating senior.
Birthday: 1 April
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: American
Height: 169cm (5.54 ft)
Weight: 49kg (108.0 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Measurements: 88-60-88
Cup: D
Favourite Present 1: Handmade Apple Pie
Favourite Present 2: Competition Skates
Love/Hate Food: Apple Pie/Yam
Hobbies: Shooting; Skating
Good At: Controlling others
Poor At: Peeling onion
Pet Phrase: Who doesn’t have a past?
Dream: Something to do with her elder sister.
Secret: Being a very bad FPS player
Alternative Names: ジュノ·エモンズ(Japanese), 朱诺·埃蒙斯(Chinese)

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