Irene White
All life has a right to exist.
Character Voice: Horie Yui (堀江 由衣)

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Irene White is an open and clear teenager who serves as the Riflewoman of Squad 08. Her final target has always been world peace, providing that she could wake up on time.

In daily lives, Irene has presented her lenient as she is willing to make friends with everybody, even the past enemies, but her jokes are seriously bad.

Irene is extremely untalented in arithmetic to the extent that she is unable to correctly complete almost any calculation. She is aware of that and once volunteered to be the cashier on duty (ended up in tragedy).

She is also a great fan of movies of any kind and often refer to them in conversations. At times, she would even stay up late watching movies, leading to her late arrival now and then.

Age: 16
Identity: Riflewoman of BP Squad 08
Birthday: 18 January
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: French
Height: 158cm (5.18 ft)
Weight: 45kg (99.2 pounds)
Blood Type: B
Measurements: 84-57-86
Cup: B
Favourite Present 1: Vintage Movie Poster
Favourite Present 2: Fashion Accessory
Love/Hate Food: Crayfish/Durian
Hobbies: Shopping, Making accessories
Good At: Inspiring others
Poor At: Maths
Pet Phrase: Everyone’s happiness is my happiness!
Dream: World peace
Secret: The sole survivor of her class during the Outbreak
Alternative Names: アイリーン·ホワイト(Japanese), 艾琳·怀特(Chinese)

Other Information (Spoiler Alert!)

  • She speaks fluent Chinese cold jokes while being a French.
  • She is passionate about setting up the manager and Wuxia and would attacks any other girl who comes near the manager.
  • She says she is stupid, but Wuxia has repeatedly stated: “You are anything but stupid”.
  • She has surprisingly good luck. A foolish man has a foolish fortune.
  • She is good at handicrafts and relies on selling handicrafts to make up for the loss of cafe’s revenue due to her extra changes.
  • She likes to eat sweet crawfish, but the sweetness is so high that even Rococo avoids it.
  • She was the only survivor of “the outbreak” due to a school trip. Through the relationship of her parents, she joined R.o.S.E. as an administrative assistant. Because of the excellent compatibility with Ionus and Wuxia, she was assigned to Squad 08.
  • Before Grainne joined the squad, she served as the medic for Squad 08, and after Grannie joined the team, she often assists her in treating the injured. However, she has a history of miscounting the ribs of the patient.
  • She can understand the language spoken by alpha.
  • The best girl at spitting on the manager in the whole cafe.
  • Underneath the innocent appearance is an erotic heart.