I will not follow a command that harms my comrades.
Character Voice: Chihara Minori (茅原 実里)

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Cornelia, often referred as Nellie by those she recognizes, is currently a ‘Special Soldier’ (somewhere between CW5 and 2LT) of the Battlefield Processor Cooperation and the blaster of BP Squad 08.

Cornelia holds a special feeling towards firearms and would talk to them as friends when she is vacant or at night. She holds the ability to make quick and accurate diagnostics of a weaponry based upon her extensive experience accumulated in her mercenary career.

As a former mercenary, Cornelia tends to finish her tasks / missions and conversations with her as soon as possible. She cherishes words as gold but would take everything seriously and would execute any order in a meticulous fashion. Her character makes everyone around her found her trustworthy.

Cold as she may seem, Cornelia is a gentle person but having some difficulties expressing her own feelings. At the battlefield, she would never hesitate to protect her comrades, even if doing so would put herself in grave danger.

Age: 15
Identity: A former mercenary who is trying to live an ordinary life.
Birthday: 28 December
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: German
Height: 157cm (5.15 ft)
Weight: 44kg (97.0 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Measurements: 78-56-80
Cup: A
Favourite Present 1: Special Artillery Book
Favourite Present 2: Illegal Firearm Part
Love/Hate Food: None
Hobbies: Firearm Maintenance; Doing physical exercise
Good At: Combat
Poor At: Fishing
Pet Phrase: Remember to stock up on drinking water.
Dream: Being able to tell a joke in front of others
Secret: Never catching a fish successfully
Alternative Names: コーネリア (Japanese), 高奈利亚(Chinese)

Other Information (Spoiler Alert!)

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility, trust, and value companions very much. Silently protect, care, and notice every companion in her own way (in addition to maintaining weapons for everyone in the usual, but also the devil training for everyone).
  • Because of the experience of being a mercenary, she does not know when she should give herself a break.
  • Always carries a dagger with her, although she is small in stature but has a very strong explosive power.
  • Very skilled at blasting, so skilled that it can be used as a means of displacement (even riding a torpedo to blow up fish).
  • Has the ability to kill fish with her eyes without even thinking about it (which is why she hardly catches any fish).
  • Insensitive to the topic of love and breast sizes, but under the influence of everyone began to gradually dependent on others.
  • She is the hidden game master in the cafe.
  • She has a “special solution” for Lida’s skipping work.
  • Before Chapter 10 she keeps the secret along with Rococo and hence decided to seal her personal feelings as well as paths to her heart.
  • Being recognized as mentor by Miss Valentine (Nie Shirou).
  • Her O.T.E is specialized in high mobility, and is equipped with a high frequency knife, which is tailor-made for missions that place great emphasis on speed.