Aniya Jung
Oh! Pardon me! I meant no offense!
Character Voice: Naganawa Maria (长绳 麻理亚)


Aniya Jung is an artificial intelligence powered android owned by Nie Shirou, and serve as a Sub-lieutenant Staff Officer (2nd Lt. Equivalent) with Shirou at the Third Regiment of the Allied Army.

Her full name should be Jung-Class Bionic Robot Model 821113114 ‘Aniya’ and is already an old model which has been devaluated to around nine thousand Earth Coins (a new model would cost around one hundred thousand Earth Coins).

As an AI-based android, her experience has been less than satisfying, resulting her personality simulating array to judge that her existence is the cause of misfortune of people around. As a result, she has a weak and submissive character, and holds almost no firm opinion.

Before being owned by Nie Shirou, Aniya was once illegally used by criminals for cyber-attacks, as her internal storage contains a beta version of a military cyber countermeasure program called ‘ANIYAstrike’, which has been removed before she met Shirou.

Age: 4
Identity: Allied Army Third Regiment Sub-lieutenant Staff Officer
Birthday: 24 February
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Manufacturer: R.o.S.E. Precision Instruments
Height: 156cm (5.12 ft)
Weight: 193kg (425.5 lbs)
Measurements: 89-59-85
Cup: F
Favourite Present 1: O.T.E. Ionus Battery
Favourite Present 2: Special Servicing Kit
Love/Hate Food: None
Hobbies: Internal mechanic maintenance; Standby in low power mode
Good At: Providing housekeeping or logistics services
Poor At: Autonomous Operation
Pet Phrase: It’s your call./Sorry!
Dream: None
Secret: Her storage contains the residual data of the beta version of a military cyber countermeasure program.
Alternative Names: アニヤ·ユング(Japanese), 阿尼娅·荣格(Chinese)

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