Winter Outfit

Basic Info

Acquired By: Standard Supply
First Released: Born Shopaholic
Rarity: ★★★ (Super Rare)
Position: Support
Rating: ★ (Not Tiered)
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Tactical Numbers

HP: 462~1441ATK: 102~321
DEF: 56~175Shield: 216~675

Tactical numbers would slightly increase each time you Enhance this character card. Learn more…


(Team) Critical Boost*
Increases team Crit rate by 5%.

*Only the skill with the highest level will take effect if there are multiple skills of same effect in team.

(Active) Chip Shard (CD: 24s)
Creates a realm of blizzard and drops 3 ice cubes within the realm, dealing 326.3% AoE damage each time. The blizzard lasts 5s. Targets who get hit by the ice cubes will be Frozen for 2s.
LV.2 | Increases the damage to 362.5%.
LV.3 | Increases the damage to 398.7%.
LV.4 | Increases the damage to 471.2%.

(Passive) Frozen Core
Team damage against Frozen enemies is increased by 10.5%.
LV.2 | Damage dealt is increased by 11.6%.
LV.3 | Damage dealt is increased by 12.8%.
LV.4 | Damage dealt is increased by 15.1%.

(Passive) Shattered Crystal
When the ice cube from “Chip Shard” hits a Frozen enemy, deals 100% extra damage to it and increases its damage taken by 7% for a period of time. Lasts 5s.
LV.2 | Increases damage taken by 8%.
LV.3 | Increases damage taken by 9%.
LV.4 | Increases damage taken by 10%..

(Passive) Blind Res
Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 30%.
LV.2 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 40%.
LV.3 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 50%.
LV.4 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 60%.

* Awakening can level-up skills of the character card. Learn more…


About Aniya Jung

Aniya Jung is a Biometric Android that runs an AI personality program. Human as she may seem, Aniya rarely has her own thoughts instead of obeying others.

Her properties determined that she is always polite to others and appears to be quite submissive at all times.

Although being a ‘property’ of Nie Shirou, she was treated more like a younger sister by her master.

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