To Love Belongs

It’s this late already? I haven’t prepared anything yet!


3D Figure: No
Background: No
Interactions: Yes!
Ex. Touching: No.


U-shaped Clip * 200

Equals to around 1 USD.
With 100 at the cost of 10 Stylish Clip and 100 from Birthday event.

About Lida Romero

Straightforward and unrestrained girl with an accurate intuition. A hedonist that loves money and food. Sees a problem, solves the problem; can’t solve the problem? Ignore the problem.
Freshly joined Squad 08 with Shi Wuyou together.
Occasionally does great work as a test user for new weapons.
A total survivalist and money hoarder. Became a mercenary for the pay, but would also never turn down other part-time work.
Just in case of emergencies, has a stockpile of hardhats hidden somewhere.

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