Party Dress (SR)
Shi Wuyou

I have… no feelings towards you.

Basic Info

Acquired By: Fantasy Oath
First Released: Turn The Table
Rarity: ★★★ (Super Rare)
Attribute: Erosive
Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Position: Support
Comment: See rating for [Party Dress (UR) – Shi Wuyou]. This is RoKyle, yo!

Tactical Numbers

HP: 432~1186ATK: 108~297
DEF: 53~145Shield: 220~603

Tactical numbers would slightly increase each time you Enhance this character card. Learn more…


(Team) Vitality Boost*
Increases team max HP by 7%.

*Only the skill with the highest level will take effect if there are multiple skills of same effect in team.

(Active) Duplicity (CD: 8)
Decreases team movement speed by 50% and increases damage dealt by 21.9%. Lasts 5s.
LV.2 | Decreases Movement speed by 45%.
LV.3 | Decreases Movement speed by 40%.
LV.4 | Decreases Movement speed by 30%.

(Passive) Distant Beauty
Increases team damage dealt to targets more than 5m away by 9.4%.
LV.2 | Increases damage dealt by 10.5%.
LV.3 | Increases damage dealt by 11.5%.
LV.4 | Increases damage dealt by 13.6%.

(Passive) Evidence! Poof!
Increases team basic attack speed by 11% after using Dash. Lasts 3.45s. Effect duration resets when triggered again.
LV.2 | Duration is increased to 3.85s.
LV.3 | Duration is increased to 4.25s.
LV.4 | Duration is increased to 5s..

(Passive) Immobilize Res
Reduce your chance of being Immobilized by 30%.
LV.2 | Reduce your chance of being Immobilized by 40%.
LV.3 | Reduce your chance of being Immobilized by 50%.
LV.4 | Reduce your chance of being Immobilized by 60%.

* Awakening can level-up skills of the character card. Learn more…

Party Dress (SR) – Shi Wuyou

About Shi Wuyou

Considerate, thoughtful, and versatile. Utterly obsessed with her sister and wishes to bring her happiness. Secretly joined Squad 08 to be with her sister Shi Wuxia.
Takes pride in being socially recognized as Shi Wuxia’s younger sister.
Follows her sister like she’s her shadow.
Polite and kind. Practically a caretaker for Shi Wuxia.
Quick-witted and mindful. Liked by others.

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